Wednesday, January 2, 2013

new year, new goals

I have set some goals for myself for the new year.  Yes, they are resolutions, but I prefer the word goal.

1. I want to read 20 novels outside of school-related business. Right now I'm reading Catching Fire.

2. I know that graduate school is way more intense/more work than undergraduate and I want to go in with the mindset that after these next two years: it's big girl job time.  I really want to take my classes seriously and do as well as I can in them.

3. I've started doing She Reads Truth and I love it. I blogged about it on Friday and I just started the new plan: Fresh Start. Love it and I want to keep up with their plans so I can spend more time reading the Word and learning about God and what His plan is for me.

4. I've signed up for one half-marathon in March and I would like to do another in the late spring or (most likely) early fall. I miss running!

5. I am seriously going to work on a budget for myself so I stop living paycheck to paycheck.  This means I'm going to stop buying things that I don't really need. Each month I will pick one or two things that I will buy for myself and save the rest of my money for savings or special nights out.

6. I need to get into a workout routine this semester and use our awesome gym while I can still get in for free.  Whether this means getting up early or going after work in the evenings - I'm doing it! I actually love to workout, I just had no time last semester.  This spring, things are going to change and I would like to lose 10 lbs while I'm at it.

7. The backseat/trunk of my car always get messy from papers/trash/jackets.  I'm going to work hard to keep it clean and smelling fresh :) Same goes for my room -- I always try on 100 outfits each morning and whatever I don't wear gets thrown on the floor. NO MORE! Clean room = happy room = happy me

8. Negative Nancy - move aside.  I'm tired of dwelling on the negative side of things/people.  I'm going to work hard to find the optimism in every situation.  If I can't, then I'm going to bite my tongue and watch a Disney movie. Again, less stress = happy me.

9. I've seen so many snail mail writing goals over blogs and I am so ready to join in! I absolutely love stationary and have a huge notecard collection. I love to write letters! They are much more meaningful than an email. My goal is to write 52 letters - one every week.  If you'd like to receive a letter from me, leave me your email so I can get your address :)

10. Last semester, Sunday was usually my only day to sleep in and so I always skipped out on 8:45 mass.  I never even made it to the 11:30 because I was just plain lazy.  This semester I want to make it to mass each week physically possible.  If I miss the morning masses, I will try and go to mass on campus in the evening.  I've never been on campus but I have heard the priest at my church when he came as a guest and I really liked him.  I need to get over my awkwardness about going alone and just do it!

What are your 2013 goals?
I'll try and do an update in June and see where I am with them!
Happy Wednesday! :)


  1. We have so many of the same goals for 2013 - kind of crazy! Best of luck in accomplishing all of them.

  2. Great goals! Good luck with your two half-marathons. I miss running too! I'm hoping to get back into it again. I would love a letter: I'm writing more letters this year too and would love to send you one too!

  3. Love your goals! I especially like the 52 snail mail one! How fun! I might have to steal that one! Happy new year, girl!

  4. You know I'd love to get a letter from you, Miss Sarah!! We have so many similar goals so we have to be each others support systems! And I vote you go to grad school up here ;) my email is

  5. I love that you are writing more snail mail! And the gym one resonates the most with me - I lost THE MOST amazing gym when I graduated from college and I never realized how much I would miss it! As soon as I move home (this year I hope) I am joining that very gym as an alum! I'll miss using it for free but at least I'll know it's worth every penny!

  6. I love your goals! They are similar to mine and I think that is a testament to how much I connect to my blogging community. I would love a letter:

    And let's stay accountable to one another on She Reads Truth!

  7. What a seriously great list of goals:) Good luck with those half marathons (and grad school)!! Lots on your plate but that's a good thing;)


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!