Friday, March 22, 2013

Misikko Hana Pro Flat Iron Review

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Brian of Misikko to review one of their professional hair straighteners! Specifically, the Hana Pro 1" Flat Iron. I was so excited to do this review I immediately said yes! Since I had cut my hair short in December I was really wanting a new flat iron so that my hair was doing "that weird flippy thing" at my shoulders, as my hairdresser and I discussed.

I received this huge box just a few short days after sending my address! A brush, sanitizer, nail files & e.l.f. goodies were among the sweet extras they included!

Here is the iron! It came with that mat you see in the back that I set it on when I'm heating it up/using it. It also came with a little heat resistant bag/pouch to store it in. It has two sections so you can separate the iron from the cord. *The cord is nice and long - this is nice when trying to reach the back of my head.

Me using it with my old haircut!

About to use it with my most recent haircut!  **Sorry for the ghetto phone pictures...#collegeprobs, also no one was home to help me take pictures.

Before using it on my top layers

In action

All done, in the back


I put it at a pretty high heat setting since my hair is so darn stubborn

I seriously LOVE this flat iron!! You can see the sweet features about it here :) I use it every morning and without it, I would definitely have weird flippy action going on. It heats up really fast and stays VERY hot! Definitely can't touch my hair right after I've ran it through.
The only con is with the pouch/bag...its hard to get the cord in the section. Either that or I'm trying to do it some difficult way & really there is an easier way? I usually end up just putting the iron in and then wrapping the cord on the outside or just leaving it loose.

I 100% recommend this Hana Professional flat iron to everyone! It works on all hair types. Be sure to check out Misikko's Top Sellers and see if they have an item that you may be missing in your hair routine!
Thank you Brian & Misikko for allowing me to use this wonderful tool!

Misikko sent me a Hana Professional flat iron to review and keep. ALL opinions in the post are my own.

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  1. My hair is just a bit shorter than yours and I hate when it does the flippy thing! My hair is naturally straight and the only way I can avoid the flipping is to straighten the ends. Your hair looks great!

  2. Your new hair looks so cute!!

  3. your new hair looks so pretty! i have the hana hairdryer and love it- i would love to review their flat iron sometime as well, i am sure its great!


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