Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hey y'all!
Here's what I'm loving on this last Wednesday of March :)
I'm loving...more substituting experience!
Today I'm subbing in 3rd grade at my school for the afternoon. I've never been in 3rd grade so this will be exciting! I definitely think I'm partial to K-2 (love first grade) but I would love more classroom experience in 3-5. As of today, I have about 7 other sub days already planned! So far I am loving the experience - it can get a little nerve wracking, especially if I get confused about something or am in a new classroom, but overall I think this will really pay off when I am looking for a job!
Note to teachers: simple, clear, concise sub plans that out in plain view ready to go = SO NICE :)
I always return the favor with a friendly note about how the day went.

I'm loving...this self-tanning how-to from The Kinch Life!
A bronze body is a happy body - for me at least. This late March snow has me DYINGGGG for a summer glow. I've never been to a tanning bed and probably won't ever but I may try this Fake Bake that worked so well for Aubrey! I'll at least try it before graduation so I have a little color.

I'm loving...The Croods (previews)!
I cannot see this movie soon enough! I am hoping to go to PA this weekend to see Steven and if I do, hopefully we can go see this. I absolutely love animated movies & this one looks SO cute! Anyone seen it yet?

I'm loving...books about allergies.
 This book, The Princess and the Peanut Allergy, looks too precious. These days it isn't rare at all to have children with food allergies (especially nut) in your classroom & I think this book would make them feel special! Do y'all know of any other cute food allergy books?

I'm loving...that I'm on my second Spring Break!
Yes, that's right. The public schools' spring break has FINALLY rolled around which means I'm off from kindergarten & work duties until Tuesday! Yippee! This makes it possible for me to (hopefully) go to PA this weekend for Easter :)

I'm loving...these dresses I got from francesca's!
I may wear the one on the left - seersucker - for Easter -- if it's warm enough! :/
The one on the right is for a wedding I'm going to on April 13th!

I'm loving...the Carrie Underwood concert!

AH! It was AMAZING! I've only been to a handful of concerts but it was by far the best one I've been to.
She sounds perfect live, puts on a great show (floating stage! confetti! giant beach balls!), has great outfit changes, sang ALL of her great songs - fit so much into just 2 hours.
The last picture is her singing with Hunter Hayes who was the opening act and ALSO AMAZING. Swoon. I love him.
If you ever get the chance to see her in concert - you definitely should!

I'm lovin' lots today. I think I could keep on going and going :)
Instead - tell me something YOU are loving today!

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  1. I've heard Carrie puts on an amazing show - I know you had a blast! SO jealous!

  2. those dresses are so cute! and i totally bought that fake bake after i saw aubrey's post as well, i think i am going to try it this weekend!


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