Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter & Lilly on RLL!

I type this post 45 days out from graduation.
FORTY-FIVE! More on that to come tomorrow...post-grads, please visit because I need advice!
I had such a wonderful Easter weekend! Although I was missing my family, I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time in Pennsylvania with Steven and his family. They are all so wonderful.
I wore one of my dresses from francesca's!
We watched some baseball games - of course - but overall had a chill weekend. Just what we needed!
 Hopefully I'll get to see one more series of games - if not, he'll be home in the beginning of May! :) :)
Today in Blacksburg the sun is shining & I am so hopeful that SPRING is finally here. I have a feeling April will be snow-free :) Praise The Lord! All I have to get through is one big test, several substitute days & I am cruising to get my diploma. I have a feeling April will go by very quickly! That's okay with me.
Speaking of spring, today, Lilly is on Rue La La! There is women's, children & gifts/accessories! TONS of cute things! Definitely a good boutique this time! Here's an invite to the private sale if you'd like to do some spring/summer shopping: Let's Go Shopping!
 I picked up some cute (& cheap!) pieces for the beach!! Which, by the way, is 2 months & 12 days away! Finally got something in You Gotta Regatta. That was one of those prints I adored from the start but had yet to find anything in! I just hope it fits!
Happy Tuesday, y'all!
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  1. I love that dress you wore from Francesca's! Super cute!

    Words as Palindromes

  2. Ahhh work has been nuts all day and I haven't been on RueLaLa - thanks for the reminder!!!! :)

  3. Very nice dressing and I admire these. Perhaps you need some leather jackets on cwmalls.com, I think they can go with some dresses and make you look prettier.


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