Wednesday, April 3, 2013

HELP! Graduation Advice, Please :)

The countdown now reads: 44 days left until graduation!
On May 17th, I will walk in both my university and department graduation ceremonies. I am so excited, it's unreal.
I am in the midst of creating announcements and I will be sure to share them here!
However, I need some help with some other decisions I need to make! Hopefully y'all can help me!

1. To decorate or not to decorate?
I have seen the cutest graduation caps on other blogs & pinterest. I can't decide if I want to decorate mine or not! Right now I'm leaning towards yes, decorate...any advice? What sort of paint/pen should I use? If I print out something, how do you attach it to your cap??
I was thinking of putting my monogram & maybe some message? Maybe a bow? Maybe an apple to represent me being a future teacher? I have no idea!

2. What to wear!?
I know I am going to wear a dress, but I am stumped on what dress to wear. My gown is black. I have a strapless, white eyelet dress OR a Lilly dress OR another solid color dress. This may require it's own post later on! Right now I'm leaning towards Lilly. Advice??

3. Flat sandals or wedges?
This is another tough decision. I'll most likely be doing lots of walking, so I can't decide if I want to be comfy in sandals (Jacks) or be a little more dressy/cute/tall in wedges? What do y'all think?

4. Did you carry something with you?
I'm thinking that I'll want my phone with me, maybe some chapstick or something...did y'all carry a clutch or anything with you? Or did your outfit have pockets? I guess this will be something to consider when choosing my dress!

5. Miscellaneous
Anything that you wish you had with you/hadn't done/had done?? Did I miss something I need to think about? I am up for any and all advice!

Thanks, friends! I appreciate your help!
Happy Wednesday!
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  1. I carried my sunglasses and my camera with me. I'd probably carry a clutch if you're wanting to take a camera and chapstick too! Congratulations!

  2. 1. Decorate! It makes finding you in Lane Stadium SO much easier for everyone who is coming to watch! That is literally the ONLY way that my parents were able to find me among the 5000 other people on the field! Also, if you bring your cap to Exper-T's they can work magic on it. That's what I did and I have mine framed in a shadow box at home now!
    2-3. Wear something super light and comfy. What building is your department ceremony in? Mine was in Burruss and it was so hot I thought I was going to die! Give I wore a Lilly sundress and Jacks and was so glad that I did. Watching girls stumble around in wedges was awful. And if you have to go up any stairs at all, you'll want to be in flats, trust me!
    4. One of those Lilly wristlets would be perfect to carry your Hokie P, phone, and anything else. I suggest also having food right before each ceremony because they do last forever!

    Other tips-- go around campus a few days before with your friends and take pictures in your cap and gown and dress. Commencement weekend is so crazy and crowded that you won't be able to get pictures in the spots that you really want. This would be the place to wear the wedges because you can throw them on in pictures and then take them off! That's probably the best thing that me and my friends did. Plus, it saved my brother and dad from having to do it on Friday and Saturday and that made them very happy! Let me know if you have any other questions about graduation weekend!!!!

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  4. I graduated 2 years ago this May so I will give you a little of my feedback.
    1. I did not decorate my graduation cap. I knew I was going to be sitting in the very front of my graduation because of my major and I went to a huge SEC school. They will hear your name.
    2. I wore a black gown too and a light, white dress. It was perfect for the hot temperature of the day. Wear white -- it is graduation after all and don't wear something uncomfortable.
    3. On that same of my biggest regrets was wearing flat j.crew sandals. I knew their would be a lot of walking and I didn't even want to think about the idea of tripping (cringe!) but I felt super underdressed, short, and overall just a casual compared to everyone else who was wearing wedges/heels you name it. I should have listened to my mother when she said everyone will see your feet. In fact it is the only part of someone's outfit you see when they get their Diploma that isn't uniform. So wear cute wedges or heels. Don’t opt for the sandal.
    4. I carried my phone, no clutch or purse.
    5. One of my biggest regrets was not taking a picture with my boyfriend in my cap and gown. He came to my graduation but was with his family and it was such a cluster at the end that I completely forgot. That is a memory I can never get back and I will regret it forever. BOOO! Also, I regret not taking more photos in my cap and gown in general.

    Hope this helps. Sorry for the lengthiness!

  5. DECORATE!!! I wore a black strapless dress with a pink cardigan. I work heels. I carried a small purse with me, left it on my chair when we walked across the stage.


    I couldn't find my family in time after the ceremony so I didn't get to take any pictures with them or see my grandparents that day. :(

  6. Ahhh so glad Ashley commented on this too!

    Jacks - definitely your Jacks. I graduated twice at Tech, the first time in wedges and the second time in Jacks and I was SO much more comfortable in Jacks. And a light dress because Lane will be HOT (unless it pours down rain... fail).

    When I graduated for English I was in Squires in the Commonwealth Ball Room and I think my HD graduation was in there too. Thank goodness Tech does departmental graduations - it is so quick! For HD they will have you show up like half an hour - 45 mins early and will line you up in the hallway behind the ballroom. It is so much more relaxed than I thought it would be.

    I had a wristlet I just tucked up when I was walking out and looking all important the first time, but the second time I had a dress with pockets - both work!!

    Congrattsss!!! Let me know if you have any other questions about grad or about MBC!!!

  7. PS - DECORATEEE!!!! My parents could only find me in Lane because of my cap decorations! I also took some pics around campus a few weeks before and that was awesome, but make sure you get some the day of. Shockingly the Virginia Tech on Alumni Mall was never crowded and I got some good pics there!

  8. If you decide to decorate I'd go to one of the shops that airbrush!

  9. I'd like some advice on this graduating business too. I have a couple more terms to go. Congrats to you though! 44 days is SO soon!

  10. 1. I decorated since it makes it personal and I still have my cap out in my room while my gown is tucked away in a closet.
    2. I wore two dresses for graduation both from Jcrew with pockets. I wore a white cotton one for the large graduation that was outside and carried my camera and phone in my pocket but for my departmental graduation, it was inside so I wore a cocktail dress and didn't carry anything since it was a smaller ceremony.
    3. Jacks all the way.
    4. See above.
    5. I took my photos a few weeks before so that I wasn't rushed the day of, graduation weekend the main sites of cmapus were swamped and I was glad that I took a few photos at each ceremony but the bulk of my photos were taken the weeks leading up to graduation.


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!