Sunday, April 21, 2013

Virtually Run the 3.2 for 32!

I carried my phone while I casually ran the 3.2 for 32 last Saturday.  I figured I could share the course with y'all on here! My Hokies can tell in these pictures where I am but I'll provide some commentary.
Essentially, this "race" is HUGE. Thousands of people. It isn't really a race though - no time or anything. You wear a bib, but instead of a number it says "I run 3.2 for..." and then everyone writes in who/what they run for.  On my bib I always write "Austin, Mary & ALL Hokies <3"
Releasing the 32 white balloons and thousands of maroon and orange balloons:
This year was sort of windy and tons of balloons got stuck in that tree. Awkward.
Running down West Campus about to go around the duck pond!

Just carrying a telephone pole:
These guys didn't beat me but the corps guys with huge heavy packs on did!

No pictures at the duck pond. So crowded! But there were two acapella groups to keep us motivated!

Some bagpipers across from Cassell to encourage us:

Heading into Lane:

Running through the tunnel:

Reach for excellence!

 Enter Sandman was playing. Any Hokie knows this is unreal:

Heading up the hill by Stadium Woods. My neighborhood to the right!

Back on the main campus area, turning the corner by Torg to the finish:

Finishing HOKIE strong!

Waited to watch my mama finish!

Wearing my "I Only Run in Maroon & Orange" shirt from the expo:

Love my Hokies.
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  1. Ahhhh running through Lane was always my fav!!!


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