Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Scott Wedding Festivities!

Announcing...Mr. & Mrs. Scott!

On April 13th we went to one of the BEST weddings I've ever been to! My older brother's best friend Corey married his other best friend Dayne.  James has known Dayne since high school and James and Corey were roommates at Longwood University.

A verrryyy long story short, James brought Corey & Dayne together and the rest is history! They are now newlyweds! James was the best man and I WISH I had his speech on film. It was so wonderful.

I had wayyyy too much fun eating, drinking, laughing and dancing the night away with my family and all of the people there. It's fun to go to weddings where you know lots of the guests!
Anyway, here's a few pictures to recap!
Their program {love the colors}:

These flowers at the end of the rows of seats were so gorgeous!

The bride standing strong as the wind pulled her veil/her whole body!:



Obviously I lovedddd this! Took a picture before they even had the sweet tea and lemonade in there!

Little brother:

Courtney, James' other BFF, and James:

Big brother:

The gorgeous Rockwood Manor:

Let's get this party started!

Table 20! Seriously love the flowers!

Fun favors {that Sadie tried to eat the next day...}:

FUNFETTI! Definitely my kinda wedding cake. Oh, and a beer. What a combo.

I cannot wait to see the professional photos when they're done! We literally did not leave the dance floor. A great mix of oldies, new jams, square dance songs, etc. I love weddings that turn into dance parties! They are so fun!

What are your favorite wedding styles? Dance parties or a more "chill" setting?

Happy Wednesday!!
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  1. Your dress is SO cute!! Where is it from?

    And those wedding programs are gorgeous, definitely up my alley!!


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