Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Currently LOVING: Dogeared Jewelry

I've been familiar with Dogeared jewelry for a while, but I was just browsing their site and realized I am in LOVE with a couple of their pieces!

State of Mind: Virginia
Okay, obviously this is my favorite! I love everything Virginia related. I can see wearing this with lots of outfits! I think their state of mind necklaces are so cute, simple & a great way to represent your state!

Infinite Love
Absolutely love this one as well! So simple and, again, could be worn daily!
"with love, there is no limits"

Faith: Sideways Cross
At first I thought the sideways cross necklace was a little strange but it has really grown on me! I love this one - small and simple.

Make a Wish: Birthday Bow
How precious is this little ribbon bow for a birthday girl? I don't even think it calls for a birthday! Any occasion - or just for fun! I love this little feminine detail.

Do you have any Dogeared jewelry? How do you like it?

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  1. I just got my first dogeared necklace for Christmas! I seriously wear it everyday (and sometimes layer it with other necklaces). They are so simple and classic (I got the "pearl of happiness" necklace)!

    I would love to get the VA and NY one and wear them together -- my heart is certainly split between the two!


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