Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm Currently Loving...

I sort of missed out on WILW, so today I'm going to share some things that I'm "currently loving"!

{Paper Straws}
I am just obsessed with these cute things! Especially if they're in a mason jar. Perfection. I'm thinking of getting some for my graduation party...any idea where I can find them in stores? :)

{Beach Themed Bathrooms}
I got to paint/decorate the half bath at home & I went with a beach theme.  I painted the walls a bright coral color, however I love this soft blue as well! I really like the idea of putting shells in some apothecary jars. I have so many shells from various beaches!
 And by last day of classes, I mean last day of everything undergrad! I don't have any finals scheduled for exam week so once the clock strikes 12:15 on May 7, I'm done.
*time to partyyyyyyy!*
Then we have 10 days to go after that until graduation!
Citrusy Champagne Sangria
I tried sangria for the first time at the wedding! It was so delicious. Very fruity and I could hardly taste the wine...which was good and bad. I downed it!
I want to try more sangria recipes now. I love sweet, fruity drinks so I'm excited to find new recipes.
Do you know of any good ones?? 

What are y'all loving these days?

Have a wonderful week! Almost FRIDAY!
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