Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween, back in the good 'ol days...

I thought I would share some "way back when" Halloween photos since Halloween day is right around the corner! I had a few on my computer already that I posted last year on Facebook. We have probably a million more in photo albums at home.
My family has always loved Halloween...decorating, going to pick out a pumpkin, listening to the Monster Mash CD (a serious favorite), watching Hocus Pocus, and dumping out our trick-or-treat candy - trading pieces, giving the malted candies to Mom. Now that we're older there isn't so much trick-or-treating going on, but we pretty much still do everything else! :) Mom found Hocus Pocus on DVD this year, so that was obviously very exciting having a 21st century version of a great movie!

*sorry, these are in no particular order whatsoever!

Little brother...I think he was supposed to be Batty?
Jason is eying the cake...
Indian, Frankenstein, Dalmatian
Pickin' out the pumpkin! Jason was such a goober.
The 'two child' days
Jason and Kelsey [family friend]. He wore that Halloween vest all the time!
Mouse (yes, it's a bunny costume but I'm pretty sure he insisted he was a mouse) and a Spice Girl
Clowns (I think this was more for fun one day)
Spiderman, toddler pumpkin, baby pumpkin
Third grade - Witches - my friend Mariana and her sister Juliana from Brazil
Magician and Belle - probably my favorite :)
Momma and baby clown, Kimberly the pink Power Ranger and a Ninja

I also remember being a "Hokie Freak" dressing in as much Hokie gear as possible - around 5th grade probably, a VT cheerleader, a black cat, "cloudy with a chance of rain" in high school with a friend (we wore shirts with cotton balls glued to them and carried spray bottles with water in it...lammeee)...I can't remember the others.

What were some of your favorite Halloween costumes over the years? Are you dressing up this year?

P.S. Next week (when I'm back home) I'll be doing the What's in my bag vlog! Right now I'm visiting the boy, so I don't have my normal bag with me...I've loved watching all the vlogs and I can't wait to share mine.

Happy Friday! :)



  1. What a fun little post=)I'm a new follower,check out my blog in return=)..

  2. How cute! I love looking at everyones "back then" pictures! Love the spice gril costume! And thanks for the comment on my Vlog! I can't wait to see yours!

    xo Julia

  3. hahah I love seeing other people's halloween costumes from way back when! I wish I had gathered photos when I was home last so I could do this! I am terrified of clowns, I will never forget my parents made me dress as one one year and that was the beginning of my clown problems!!

  4. These are adorable! I need to start a project of organizing my parents' giant bins of pictures into categories so things like these would be easier to find! I loved being a Dalmatian like all of preschool but I think people thought I was a cow... Chubby problems.

  5. Monster Mash!! haha! I knew I wasn't the only one :)

  6. Lovee the pictures!! You were adorable. Oh, the days of trick-or-treating... wish I could still participate for the candy! :)

  7. love love those photos! so adorable :)


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