Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Ohhhh, Wednesday. How I love thee :) Time to link up with Jamie!
Can't wait to share what I'm loving on this beautiful, sunny, fall-filled, breezy day...

I'm loving...ginger snaps. They are delicious! The best ones I've found are from Trader Joe's - which we don't have. But the one we like to go to is in Northern VA and it's almost worth the trip up there just to stock up on goodies!

I'm loving...all of the dress advice I got from my last post! Girls, thank you SO much for the websites. I found some REALLY good possibilities at all of them! :) I'm excited and I'll definitely let y'all know which one I decide...

I'm loving...that Ashley reached 125 followers and therefore is having a giveaway! Check out her blog for your chance to win a basket filled with her own fall favorites! (Which all coincidentally happen to be my favorites too!)

I'm some of recent Pinterest finds:
love the ruffles and color
big 'ol closet. *dream*
halloween wreath - easy to DIY!
to stir your hot cocoa
throw on cropped denim jacket for fall. love the ruffles and color, again!
i'm a va girl
peach and nude. i am in love with this outfit.

i finally know how to fold the fitted sheet neatly!
live by it.
love the bow top and jacket. clean, classy.

Sorry, my Pinterest pictures are always so random! Maybe I'll try to do themes later...but then again Pinterest itself is quite random!

I'm loving...that we have TWO home game weekends in a row :) As y'all know we were home last weekend...
freeeeeezing cold.

...and we'll be home again this weekend, vs. Miami!

found this on Pinterest! going to make one ASAP!

Hopefully we'll see a win this time! I have faith in my Hokies :)

I'm loving...shellac nails! I got mine done last Saturday and, if I do say so myself, they are gorgeous. I got a burgundy color and I'm so happy with them. So far they haven't chipped or smudged or anything! After they put the top gel coat on they waited about 5 minutes and then they RUBBED MY NAILS WITH A COTTON BALL! And NOTHING was smudged or messed up!! It blew my mind. I recommend paying the extra $$ for shellac if you want a manicure that will last without having to do acrylic or gel!

I'm momma! Last weekend, not only did she go get shellac done with me :), but she made chili, soup, and pumpkin bread & mini muffins! It made the house all warm and fuzzy and smelling delicious. She also comes and gets my flower arrangement every Tuesday so that I don't have to haul it around to class/bus! Love her.

I'm loving...the Class of 2013 Ring Design committee for making such a gorgeous class ring!

If you watch this video, you will see all the details of the ring that they designed. Our school redesigns the class ring each year so they are all unique! One of my good friends, another Sarah, is on the committee and I'm so proud of them! There are lots of fine details that I would not have noticed at first glance. I love the VPI in the flames! My other favorite part is the 5 versions of the HokieBird. Oh shoot, all of it is my favorite!

Whew. That's a lot of lovin today.
Link up and have a great Wednesday! Don't forget about Modern Family tonight :)



  1. I love all of your loves today! I haven't gotten on Pinterest yet, but maybe I should? Your pins are so dang cute.

  2. ok, ok, i have one more place for you to check for a i think you will LOVE some of their dresses!

  3. I like everything you're loving today! I am on pinterest too, not sure if we follow each other?! I usually do a theme of the week for pinteresting wednesdays, but this week I did random too! Have a great Wed!

  4. New follower, found you through the link up! Great pinterest finds! oh how I love pinterest haha. So addicting :)

  5. Oh how I wish we had a Trader Joe's. I hear so many great things about that place.

  6. So glad I ran across your blog! Its real cute haha
    TJ's ginger snaps? We always have containers on containers of those things at my house because my dad eats them like they're the healthiest thing ever (because he believes everything from TJ's is healthy haha)


  7. I'm loving those cocoa stirrers. Pretty sure I have those pinned. Such a great idea. Gotta love Pinterest. Happy Wednesday! :)

  8. LOVE these pins!! I pinned some of these same things this week.. probably got them from you, haha! Thanks for the sweet mention :) I'm glad you we have the same fall favorites!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  9. i have the same closet pinned- DREAMY! and that last outfit as well, featured it on my blog today too! so classy and cute. have fun at the game :)

  10. Loving this post Sarah!! Your pins this week are so fun! I love the teal ruffled dress and the tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet! Mine always look like a crumbled mess and now my linen closet won't be so ugly LOL! Have fun at the game this weekend! xo

  11. 1. I love love love that VA picture- stealing it right now, sorryboutit
    2. Wishing I could partake in the Hokie fun!!!
    3. I need to try shellac! Everyone raves about it!
    Loving everything you're loving :)

  12. Did you love the shellac?? I have been wanting to try it! Fill me in on the details :)

  13. I love that last outfit on Pinterest! It is soo cute but still elegant and classy!

  14. im totally a VA girl too and i love the photo you had in here from pinterest :)

    great blog!


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!