Monday, October 31, 2011

What's In My Bag Vlog & Getting to know me!

Double whammy today! I finally had the chance to do the What's in my Bag vlog! It took me three tries because my computer decided to go to sleep, but I think it finally worked. Not very exciting, but I still thought it was fun!

Jackie Sue is hosting the link up so you can go to her blog to see some others! Plus, just check out her super cute blog :)

And yes, like everyone else, my video and sound don't match up. Why is this happening!?

Hopefully one day I won't be so awkward! Ha...

Then, as I was blog hopping, I saw that Emily did a set of questions she found from Summer Wind and I thought I would go along with that trend too! Basically, you will know maybe too much about me after this long post. But here we go!


...I could like anywhere in the U.S....I would probably choose somewhere further South where it's not so dang cold all the time! I like to stay warm. I do love Virginia, though, don't get me wrong.

...I were to have more children...well, seeing as I don't have any children, this is a little out of context. But when that time comes, I would like to have at least three children!

...I could have any talent in the world...I would want to be a good dancer! Dancer as in ballet, not booty shakin' style. met me in real would probably see the same girl you see on here! I don't really buffer much, although I'm probably more goofy/silly in real life than I am on here.

...I went back to would mean that it's 2013 and I've survived undergrad! I plan to go to grad school right away to get my teaching license.  So far, I plan to go to Radford University, but plans may change, who knows... were not an object...I would fill my wardrobe, have a spoiled puppy and go on lots and lots of trips!

...I could meet one celebrity...I would want to meet Sandra Bullock or Heidi Klum.  They both seem like nice, down-to-earth people! Not to mention they're both hilarious.

...I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life...I would choose either Macy's or Nordstrom! Depending where I live, since we don't have a Nordstrom around here.

...I could choose an animal/pet...I would choose a penguin or an otter. Otters are the cutest things in this world.

...I could go on a trip right now...I would go to Savannah, Georgia.

...I had to choose between a house cleaner and a personal chef...I would choose the personal chef.  For one, I sometimes like I wouldn't want someone putting my stuff in places because they I wouldn't be able to find anything! I like to cook but I don't have very much time these days to cook, so having a chef would be ideal!

There we are! Hope you enjoyed learning what's in my bag and a few random facts!
I hope y'all answer them as well so I can learn more about you!




  1. YAY I'm so glad you did the Vlog & my questions :) I enjoyed learning about you!

  2. Savannah, GA is one of my favorite places! It's absolutely beautiful!

  3. I have those pens tooo!!!! I love what you keep in your makeup bag...that thing is packed full of great stuff! Is that what you use everyday? That's so cute that your mom sends you mail :) I love getting cards. Is that wallet big enough for your phone to fit in??? Isn't it SO blurry when you have glasses and contacts on?! I hate that! Cute camera!
    I did watch all of it! :) Sure was a packed post yesterday!!!


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!