Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hokie Pride & A New Countdown

First of all, I have to share some sad news...we lost to Clemson tonight. I would like to say that it was a nail biter, but unfortunately our team just didn't bring it tonight. Our sophomore QB is following the footsteps of Tyrod Taylor (not the position I would want!) and our offense just wasn't backing up the defense like they deserved. I always say: ya win some, ya lose some. That's all there is to it. Of course it would have been exciting to win, but Clemson is a good team and they played a good game. I'm still a proud Hokie :)
Sidenote: It was SOOOOOOO cold! 43 degrees, raining and very windy. I'm proud to say that we stayed til the end though :)
Hokies for life.

Anyway, now that it's October, the countdown starts...til...Halloween! I pretty much need to start thinking now about what I'm going to be because last year we kinda left it to the last minute-ish. It all worked out though:

Daphne <3 Fred
Last year on the first night SB was a priest and I was a "country/cow girl" (didn't get a picture). The second night we were Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo. Momma and I even made SB a little ascot! Haha. I have on a purple dress, purple tights and black boots. SB has on jeans and Sperry's (his hair looks green, I was yellow hairspray that turned out green!). I didn't have red hair (the wig I found was hideous) but it was fun!

Now...we just have to think of an idea for this year. Do y'all think we should do a "couple" costume again? I need ideas!! PLEASEEE share if you know of any/have done any in the past :) I'm willing to buy one or DIY one. Last years was a DIY. It was fun to do the cowgirl because I already had boots and a being in PA, it was almost just me dressing up as "the Virginia girl". Hehe :)

Happy October! :)



  1. i am SO sorry we beat you! :) sorry...big clemson fans here!

  2. I am so un-creative in the costume department! lol, you'll think of something great thought! And just so you know, I was rooting for Vtech on Saturday night!!!!! Ugh, darn Tigers.


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