Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's OK...& a giveaway you don't wanna miss

Today, I'm going to let y'all's OK! With Neely! I feel like I haven't done this link up in a while, so I'm excited about it.

But FIRST! I have another giveaway to tell y'all about. {long distance loving} is hosting an Ocean State giveaway full of fun Lilly prizes! Go check it out - several ways to enter and the way she has it set up (don't have to leave comments!) is so easy!

Now, back to business :) It's OK... be singing HALLELUJAH PRAISE THE LORD because I am officially on Fall Break! think Fall Break is actually completely lame because we get one measly Friday off - the day which 50% of students don't have classes on anyway. Bummer. make pierogies (and laugh that your computer wants to auto correct the word pierogies to groupies) and then complain the whole time as the oil jumps out and burns your hand...because they are delicious. act completely silly when working with children...their goofy smiles and giggles make it worth the slight embarrassment. start thinking about Christmas shopping. skip an OPTIONAL workshop in order to be home for Modern Family. #priorities spend hours upon hours in Michael's because there is just too much to look at. give the evil eye to the girl who just sat in your might-as-well-be-assigned seat in class and threw off your groove...has she not been there all semester?! drive 45 minutes just to go to Elderberry's and have a delicious Mad's Mango smoothie. still wear shirts and sweatshirts from high school. I have so many good memories! be happy with a Blackberry. My time with the iPhone will come...and when it does...I will have the iPhone 9. be saddened by the loss of Steve Jobs and to have yet another reason to RELAY! have more than one monogrammed item hanging would NEVER know my name started with S if you went in my room...(not) criticize girls who wear leggings as pants...and then be a hypocrite and wear leggings as pants. take lots of trips and lots of risks. Tomorrow is the ONLY October 7, 2011 you'll ever get...make it worth it. spend your first night of Fall Break watching Grey's, Friday Night Lights and bumming on PINTEREST!

And that's where I'm headed :)



  1. I relay too! You go girl

    I love that you want "to take lots of trips and lots of risks" life is toooo short

  2. That sounds like a perfect first night of fall break to me!! :) xo

  3. Oh my word yes it is okay to start thinking about Christmas shopping!!! I sure am! And dont you just hate when people take your seat?! I have to sit in the same seat every class or I get anxiety haha! Xox

  4. Haha I love that! the iPhone 9! I totally agree. I just got a new phone and it's a pretty nice smart phone, but I hear Sprint is getting the iPhone and I'm slightly sad :(

    and I've definitely done the leggings/pants judging and then wearing....hahah

    Great list!

  5. Love it when women can be kind to themselves. ;) It is OK to do all these things, you're right. :)

  6. That sounds like a perfect plan to me :) You inspired me to make some pierogy, I love them too! It´s always so great to read this sort of posts, and learn something more about my fellow bloggers :) I´m happy to be your new follower!

    Happy Friday!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

    Be sure to enter my giveaway to win an amazing scrapbook software :)

  7. so many of these made me laugh! and i plan on going to michaels this weekend and browsing... im super excited about it. lol

  8. Sarah! Thank you SO much for helping me to spread the word about the Lilly Pulitzer giveaway :) crossing fingers for you! happy weekend! xoxo {av}


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