Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

So I boasted about the beautiful day yesterday, and now VA is hit with a grey, dreary day. Boo.

Never fear, though, I can always find things that I'm loving :)

I'm loving...that tomorrow is my Friday :) On the real Friday morning, I'll be in the car headed to PA for the weekend :) [p.s. don't expect any posts then because I will be without internet and my crackberry doesn't do blogger!]

I'm loving...that I get to see SB on Friday :) Always puts me in a good mood!

I'm loving...Swiffer 360 dusters. I don't know about you, but I swear dust collects on my bedroom furniture in practically 10 minutes! It drives me nuts and these swiffer dusters are so quick to pick up and swipe over surfaces.

I'm loving...that this week is Homecoming Week! Not as exciting as high school where we had spirit days all week and got to wear pajamas, camo, etc but it's still fun to see everyone's campaigns :)

I'm recent Pinterest finds - wreath edition :)

Perfect for Fall:

Perfect for Winter:

Perfect for Summer/the 4th:

Perfect to DIY:
Mine would be VT of course :)
Tulle and Fake Flowers/Leaves
School Spirit!
I'm loving...huge, comfy sweatshirts that are too big. They might be the most comfy piece of clothing in the world...matched with leggings? I would love to live in that outfit all fall/winter.

I'm loving...the "llama llama" children's books
My mom showed me this one is too cute. On my book fair wishlist :) There are several other llama llama books!

I'm loving...these outfits (also from Pinterest):

What are you loving?
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  1. I LOVE all of those wreaths!! Seriously -- I was thinking the other day that I needed to create a pin board specifically for wreaths! Would that be a little obsessive? I really like the balloon one for birthdays!

    llama llama books are the best!! I am reading all of the Patricia Polacco books right now! She is my very favorite children's book author. Her books are upper elementary picture books -- which is what I want to teach!

    Also, if you're interested.. check out my newest blog (I know.. obsessive) about children's book reviews. It's going to help me accomplish my goal of 18 books a week!

  2. OOOOH the 2nd wreath and the mini pumpkin wreath! LOVE!!!

  3. Oh my word I love me some wreaths! I want to make all of these! Have fun in PA!!!

  4. Happy Friday for you tomorrow!! I hope you have fun in PA. Great pinterest finds! :)


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