Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shopping Excursions and Gameday!

I can't believe it, but I didn't have any time to blog yesterday! Here's the lowdown on my Friday...
  • Woke up early, got dressed, went and filled up on gas for $2.85!! I'm so proud of that fact because we haven't seen gas below $3.00 in for-ev-er. I only got it that cheap because I used my Kroger points at the Kroger gas station. Love that thing.
  • Headed to Roanoke to shop with B-patt! She's my good luck charm when it comes to shopping. *We do not have good shopping around here...the closest is probably driving to Charlotte! Or take the plunge and drive to Short Pump near Richmond or Tyson's in NOVA. I did find an adorable dress and pair of pants at NY&C, a blouse on sale at LOFT and a maxi dress (that's right, maxi dress) and top at Old Navy.
  • Headed home - with a dead phone...awesome - changed and went to work!
  • Went back to Roanoke with SB's parents and met up with him!! Then we went to his twin brothers' high school football game - they were playing at Hidden Valley.
  • Froze my toes, had dinner out in Roanoke and headed home late.
Needless to say, it was a long day and I had no time at my laptop! I am so thankful that SB is home and will be here until Tuesday. I already know the time is going to fly by, but I'm just going to enjoy every second!

This is the maxi dress I bought:

It was on sale and I didn't really plan to buy it because I don't own any, but B-patt convinced me...and I'm glad I did! It's so comfy and adorable. was on could I not buy it?!

Here's to trying something new!

Now I'm off to another busy day!

It's gameday in Blacksburg and I get to spend it (finally) with the bf who hasn't been to a game since high school! It's about time! Today we play Miami...ugh. I'm sorry if there are any Miami fans reading this, but I am not fond of y'all's team or fans! They can be downright rude. Hopefully this year will be better and maybe they have changed.  At least we have our home-field advantage!

Go Hokies!

Also - College Prep is hosting an Angela Moore giveaway!

If you like cute are going to want to check this out! Go to her blog here and find out how to enter! :)

Happy weekend!


  1. Have fun at the game! I am glad you got the maxi dress, its way cute!

  2. Love that dress! And I'm excited about College Prep's giveaway! Have a great weekend.


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