Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Ok Thursday :)

Yayyy, my second favorite blog day besides Wednesday? Thursday! As much as I love sharing random tid bits of my life, link ups are so fun. Here we go!

It's Ok...

to rock out in the car {by yourself} driving down 81 and pretend like no one else can see inside.

to have a little piece of home in more than one place.

to walk allllllllll the way to the back of the store to put something back that you decided you don't want, and then end up putting it back in the wrong place anyway.

to think your Mom has more of a social life than you (recently, I think this is true...she went to the movies on a weekday!)

to want to take an extra semester, just to get in another football season as a student.

to want anything and everything monogrammed.

to NOT want the "sexy, instantly gives you two cup sizes" bra...that thing is ten inches of awkward padding and a lie.

to want to set an alarm to blog in the morning...I need to get out of this nighttime habit!

to feel like you're living alone since you haven't seen your roommate in over a week! (not kidding...she's a hermit)

to spend too much time on Pinterest (really, it's ok!) ... it's hard not to when you find things like this:
It's my go-to for mini reminders about everything throughout the day.

Happy early weekend!


  1. Hey my name is Tara. I am your newest follower on your blog site would you be so kind & follow me back it would mean so much to me. Thanks :) Feel free to Like or Follow me on my facebook fan page & my Twitter!!!

  2. My parents do have a better social life than I do.. you're not alone in that! And, I would have done ANYTHING for an extra football season at Tech! I miss it so much!!


  3. Just found your blog... I love this idea of "it's ok to..."! I found myself identifying with so many of the things you said!


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!