Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday: October Favorites

Today I'm linking up with Rachel @ Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday! The theme is October Favorites...oooo la la!

1. Flannel Shirts
I absolutely love flannel shirts.  I love the look/feel/warmth/everything.  I have a couple on my birthday list!

2. Pumpkins
I made two trips to the pumpkin patch in October!  I went once with SB and our friend, then a second time with family.  Besides picking a pumpkin (we ended up with 4 this year), I love getting kettle corn - it's SO DELICIOUS at Sinkland - homemade ice cream (even in the cold), apple cider, finding my way through the corn maze, seeing a world champ pumpkin launcher and taking pictures!
Us with the pumpkin launcher in the background
Pumpkin man

3. Football
While I would refer to myself as more of a girly girl, as opposed to a tomboy, I do love sports.  Especially watching football.  There were many Saturdays in October spent in Lane Stadium, or sitting on my couch cheering during away games! I lovvvvve me some football, especially when it's my Hokies playing!

4. Fall Nail Colors
After getting the shellac done, I am convinced it's way better than a regular manicure! No smudges, no chips. Wonderful.  However, on my college girl budget, an $8 bottle of O.P.I. is a little more affordable than keeping up with the shellac each month. For October I stuck with a maroon shellac and a light pink shellac. Here are some fall shades I'm looking to get!
Espresso Holiday Glow
Color to Diner For -- good for Christmas :)
Suzi Loves Cowboys - I think I posted this before, but I like it!

5. Lip Balm/Therapy/Etc
As seen in my blog, I have several lip balms and chapsticks and whatnot. With the October month came chilly temperatures! My lips dry up in 5 seconds, so I definitely need to have more than one chapstick in case I lose one! My favorites are:

What are your Top 5 October Favorites? I can't believe it's already NOVEMBER!
This weekend I'm headed to Norfolk to see my brothers - it's big brother's 25th birthday! Thanksgiving is in 23 days.  My 21st is in one month and 4 days.  Christmas is in one month and 24 days.  Momma's birthday is in one month and 25 days.  SB's 21st is in one month and 29 days! It's going to be a busy two months, I can feel it...

Quick sidenote: I've seen probably 2 or 3 other blogs titled "Simply Sarah" ... should I keep my blog name or change it? I don't know why it bothers me, I guess just because I don't feel unique anymore! Thoughts?

Happy Tuesday :)


  1. What happened to Ten on Tuesday?! :p
    I like this post..and your top 5. I've never tried that summer fruit lipbalm though...guess I'll have to try it!
    Wow it is going to be a busy month for you!!! It will be fun though! So close to Christmas! (not SO close but you know what I mean!!!)
    Btw, I like the name of your blog...yours is the only Simply Sarah I read!

  2. Love your top 5!! How did November get here so quickly? I love your blog title and think it describes you, but if you find something that you think represents you better, then go for it!! xo

  3. Loving your list! Those nail colors are great!

  4. I love this post! I have had Suzi Loves Cowboys on my wishlist for a while! I might have to get it now that I see that you love it! I was wondering how it would look on nails! I am loving flannel, too!

  5. Suzie Loves Cowboys is going to be the top item on my next shopping list. For sure.

  6. I have discovered that I have 1-2 chapsticks in every single coat pocket that I own and pretty much anywhere you could think of finding one. I'm never ever running out!

  7. I am a big shellac manicure kinda girl but I wish they had better colors... like Expresso Holiday Glow - GORGEOUS!! You are the only Simply Sarah I follow :]

  8. I love the red polish color!!!! I have been looking for a great red shade!
    My favorite brand of flannels are definitely LL Bean!

  9. Hello! Stopping in from Meredith's blog {Moments with Mere}. She featured you in her post and your blog sounded so interesting I just had to stop by! Glad I did!

    Love the post! ESPECIALLY the fall nail colors! Gorgeous!
    A friend brought me some of the EOS Summer fruit lip balm and I looooved it! I was so obsessed...then one day I couldn't find it, and a few days later I found it chewed up under my bed. Guess my dog had chapped lips too. Ugh!

    I look forward to reading more :)

    Have a fabulous evening!

  10. I love any kind of chapstick! Especially EOS. And Blistex, duh.

  11. Great list! I am definitely going to have to check out these chapsticks!



Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!