Friday, November 18, 2011

Game Recap & Planning

Last night's game was sooo much fun - and FREEZING! It was the last home game and Brittany's last game as an undergrad, so we stayed THE whole time, even though it was below freezing. Even though it wasn't the prettiest game ever, it's a good thing we stayed, because the Hokies came out with the WIN!!!

That's me and my big brother! He drove from Norfolk to see the game! So fun!! And of course, Darius Rucker was awesome! All-in-all, a great way to end the home game part of the season! Now on to beat the HOOS next weekend!

Switching gears now! I'm definitely a planner. Not just in the fact that I like to have my agenda always up-to-date but I like to know what's going and what to expect in different situations.
Today while I was on Pinterest, I found a great site for organization printables! Specifically for blogs :) I need to get more organized with planning my posts and whatnot, so I plan on printing these out and making a blog binder! This blog page also has links to great family planner printables! How do you keep your blog stuff organized? Or is it all stored in your head? Any other tips?

If you haven't seen Peaches & Pearls giveaway - go enter now! Monogrammed acrylic keychain - so adorable!

TTOD: Today, I am thankful for my pup pup Sadie. She is [technically] my mom's, but I treat her like my baby too. I hope I can get puppy for myself soon! Maybe when I graduate :) We adopted Sadie from a shelter in Roanoke in 2010 when she was just two months old. I just love coming home and Sadie runs to the door to great me. She is always in a happy mood, even when I'm not! If I need to be cheered up, Sadie can definitely do the trick. She is the smartest dog ever! She knows lots of little tricks and she gets the paper from the end of the driveway and brings it to the porch. She also has learned to snuggle on the couch......I'm not complaining :)

Sadie as a puppy

Sadie and I on Halloween

Thanksgiving Break is off to a great start! I plan to do some crafting and such...if it actually happens, I'll share pictures! Right now, I'm watching Soul Surfer...and crying my eyes out. Have y'all seen this? I got it at the redbox and it's actually really good! And emotional! (Or maybe that's just me?)

Happy weekend!


  1. I'm glad the game was fun although it was cold! I am on T-giving break already too and I'm LOVING it! I can't wait to see what crafts you do!

  2. Awwww, you are so cute! Love the game day pictures!!

  3. That game was RIDICULOUS!!! So freaking cold, but totally worth it! My toes have just barely finished defrosting...


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