Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's OK...& Giveaway Alert!

Last night I wasn't feeling very well and I ended up in bed even earlier than usual!...I like to go to bed early...don't judge me.

Anyway, running errands today + class has me wiped out.  I am staying at home tonight because tomorrow morning, mama bear and I are off to Norfolk to see my brothers for big brother's 25th birthday! Woo!

Still, though, I'm going to play along with It's Ok Thursday with Neely :)

It's Ok... expect every hospital to look like Seattle Grace...and expect to see McDreamy lurking around every corner. already want to do your Christmas decor shopping. It's not your fault TJ Maxx already has everything out - and everything is adorable! go to the public library and spend the whole time in Easy Fiction. be eager to study because the faster these days go by, the faster Thanksgiving break will be here! (a whole week off!) seriously consider buying every penguin-related. Salt and pepper shakers, cookie jar, place mats, pillows...everything. go into Grand Home Furnishings just to get a free Coke and test out the couches. want to spend every day in leggings, boots and a big sweater. get overly excited when someone has a giveaway...who doesn't like free, cute things?! cheer for the bad boy. Specifically speaking about Tim Riggins here...any FNL fans? :) want to slap the girls who walk around campus with no sense of the world around them. Pay attention, people! get excited about little things, like being the listener for a change and being read to by the first-graders :) go right now to Ashley's blog and enter her giveaway! Kate Spade socks from Monkee's in Nashville! Adorable!!

That's all for now, folks :) I'm headed to bed to get rid of this sickness, whatever it is!


  1. I'm sicky too - Sorry to hear you feel bad! Get well - rest up!! I went Christmas shopping today too. It's the earliest I've ever started in my life! :)

  2. Bahaha, whenever I go by Fisher Plaza (in Seattle where they filmed Grey's) I always wonder if it looks exactly like Seattle Grace inside. But I wonder that about every other hospital, too. You're not alone :) ♥


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