Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Indecisive Sarah & Sock Swap! (and TTOD)

Warning! This is a long post! But it's so exciting, I promise!

This is what I get for doing two link ups on one day! I can't decide which to do - Ten on Tuesday or Top 5 Tuesday! I love them both...so I'm doing both!  This is why I am not the person you should go to if you want "no" as your answer!

Link up with Roots and Rings for Ten on Tuesday if you'd like to play along! :)

1. What’s your favorite television show  for each day of the week?
Sunday – Desperate Housewives - been forgetting to watch Pan Am!
Monday – Dancing With The Stars
Tuesday – DWTS, Tosh.O (although it's been getting a little too vulgar for my taste recently!)
Wednesday – Modern Family
Thursday – Grey's Anatomy
Friday – Nothing is on, so I watch Friday Night Lights on Netflix.
Saturday – Football!

2. How many times do you wear your jeans before you watch them?
A million...but really, at least 4 or 5 times! I don't really get them dirty, especially since they usually are stuck in my boots so they don't touch the ground.

3. What is your favorite pasta shape?

4. Do you read newspapers?
I don't get the newspaper to my townhouse, but when I go home I sometimes browse. I prefer to watch the news.

5. Do you sleep in socks?
Yes. Sometimes they get kicked off in the night, but I like to have my feet covered.

6. Favorite genre of movies?
Chick flicks! Or girly, romantic, comedy, adventure all mixed together.

7. How do you feel about wrestling?
I'm not sure? I don't like all the weight issues surrounding it, but if that's the sport you choose than go for it. I also think it's weird though when girls wrestle in high school. I would never wrestle a guy like that! Scary!

8. Should men pluck their eyebrows?
If they want to to look clean and fresh, then yes. I think if they look thin and feminine though, that's a little strange.

9. Do you have dimples?
I have back dimples. That's it! Is that weird? I love dimples, though. Especially on babies.

10. Do you like to camp?
I used to like it a lot more than I do today. I went backpacking for two weeks in high school in NM and I think all of that camping sort of made me "camped out". I prefer log cabins if we're going to be woodsy!

Now, for Top 5 Tuesday with Rachel at Just Peachy!

Today's Top 5 is: Clothing Stores (yay!)
Let me start off by saying - Southwest VA has NO shopping!! We have the "basics" but nothing too fancy shmancy. It's sad, but it gives me a reason to go other places and shop :) ex. Charlotte, Short Pump, Tysons to name a few...

1. Target

Target is my go-to when I need something basic or am just looking for a simple, classic top.  Plus, I love just about every other section in the store too...I love that their prices are reasonable and no matter where you go, you're bound to find a Target!  Except Vermont where my good friend Brittany is from...the poor thing!

2. LOFT 

I love, love, love LOFT. I am slowly, but surely, building up my LOFT blouses for when I become a teacher and I need to be more dressed up.  I also love their dresses and skirts.  They just have the prettiest clothes! AND we actually have this store IN Blacksburg...not Christiansburg! Y'all this is a big deal...

3. Old Navy

On any given day, I am bound to have something from Old Navy on. I can hardly walk past one without going in.  Sometimes, I'll admit, I walk in and I don't like any of their featured items. However, some days I walk in and I go crazy. At least 45% of my wardrobe is from here! Prices are so, so reasonable and a couple of the pieces you would never guess are from there! They also have lots of cozy socks this time of season...just fyi...

4. J.Crew

J.Crew is so far down on my list because we don't have one! I know that doesn't stop me from shopping online, but I like "in person" shopping so much better. I always get excited to go shopping in Short Pump, PA and Norfolk because they all (obviously) have a store! I'm sure there are closer ones, but I don't have too much time for traveling just to shop. Anyway, like everyone else, I love the J.Crew style. It's classic, clean, put-together and adorable. They also have a nice men's selection, too! Unlike the first three choices (Old Navy is so-so) I definitely wish I had a J.Crew closer to home, or at least a Factory Store!!

5. Forever 21

Forever 21 usually stresses me out, to be honest! There seems to be clothing EVERYWHERE and everything is so (usually) cheap that I just want to pick up more than I should. However, this is another store that we don't have, so when I find one, I usually pick up one or two pieces.  They have lots of basics, lots of super cute dresses (although sometimes they can run short) and tons of jewelry.  I love XXI for their prices and for having a huge selection! *Sidenote: In Norfolk, they have a two-story one and it was fantastic. Everything was actually organized! It was a lot less hectic. I may or may not have purchased a Beauty and the Beast sweatshirt...

Woohoo! What a jam-packed post this is...and it ain't over yet...

My sock swap package came in the mail this weekend!

I was so excited! Ashley paired me up with Anna and I could not have asked for a better sock swap partner! I got to know her a little better and I love reading her blog! Y'all should go check it out :)

My package! Yes...I had already opened it before this picture!
Her adorable note
Look! It matches my clipboard! :) Meant to be.
My two pairs of TALLLLL socks :) Perfect for boots!

Anna was spot on! I absolutely love my socks & my 'S' stationary!!
 In our emails, I never even told her I'm obsessed with stationary...I think these two will go perfect with my collection!

Most of my stationary
Like I said...I love stationary. I love to write snail mail! My favorites are the Vera stationary mailbox and the yellow box at the bottom - it's a tri-fold card and I found it at a store in Asheville!

THANK YOU ANNA! And thank you Ashley for setting up the swap! It was so fun! Can't wait for Anna to get the socks I sent her :) Let's just say, we have similar taste!

TTOD: Today, I am thankful for my job. I feel so lucky to have a steady, part-time job while also going to school.  For those that don't know, I work as an Aide in a before/after school & summer program at a local elementary school - with Pre-K - 5th grade students. It's the best job I could ever ask for! I've been there since July of 2010.  Today, I spent almost 7 hours in class...and 5 hours at work. I would rather go to work than go home and sleep! It's such a blessing to look forward to going to work...I know far too many people who dread that idea.  All of the children are wonderful in their own unique ways and it makes me excited to become a teacher.

Okay, I think this post is finally over...
...yep, it is!



  1. Why are the dresses from Forever 21 so dang short?? You got some great things from the sock swap, and I love your stationary collection!!

  2. Old Navy is definitely a good one. They've been so much more fashionable in the past few years! And for such a great price

    THanks for linking up!

  3. Forever 21 stresses me out too...to the point that I refuse to go in there anymore!!!

    Also, bowtie pasta..yum. I almost forgot about it .. I think I know what I'm getting at the grocery store tomorrow haha

  4. I love forever 21. I will admit though that I prefer the website because the stores are totally wild !

  5. I can't believe that card matches your clipboard! It was totally meant to be! And I love your stationary collection - I have a Vera duffle in the same print as your vera box. I love it! I'm so glad you liked your package - I just got mine yesterday and I love it! I'll definitely have a post up about it soon. I can't wait to wear them!

  6. What a full but fun post!!! :) Loved it. And cute swap gifts! And stationary. And great choices for stores. And that's so great you have a steady job...definitely something to be thankful for! (I think I've said "And" enough times so I'll stop now :)


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!