Monday, November 7, 2011

Norfolk Weekend and Giveaway Alerts

What a fun weekend I had! I'm going to share it with you in pictures [and captions] because I know pictures are more fun to look at, rather than reading words.  Or is that just me?

Brought out the "redneck wine glasses" for the party weekend
Hokie jersey as one of his presents! Gotta represent.
This is the apartment building they live in. It's so neat/fancy/old school on the inside.
James and Momma at Max & Erma's
Jason and I at Max & Erma's
Jason and I before horseback riding! He certainly doesn't look like my "little" brother, does he?!
James, me, Jason
My backwards shot on the horse trail.
Jason and I conquered a 1000 piece puzzle!

All in all it was a fun-filled, yet relaxing weekend with my family. What I didn't get pictures of (but what we also did) was go to the movies, ate at California Pizza Kitchen, did some shopping and went to Trader Joe's!
Sometimes a weekend away from home, but still with your family, is what you need!

Here are some giveaways that I am so excited about!

Summer Wind is hosting a Tervis tumbler giveaway! I have an 'S' tervis but would love to add to my collection! I love these tumblers!

Also, Royar at My Life as A Young Southern Prep is having a Just Madras giveaway! Are you ready for this...
the Sea Island Madras stocking! How. Freakin. Adorable. I love anything pink!

Make sure you go enter those giveaways, and check out the blogs, before they end!

**TTOD: Today, I am thankful for warm clothing.  This morning, there was a cold wind blowing as I walked to class. What would I have done without my warm socks, boots, sweater, and Colombia fleece jacket? I was am very lucky.



  1. I love your redneck wine glasses! Hope you had a great weekend. xo

  2. omg those glasses are hilarious & I love those boots you have on!!!

  3. HAHA! Redneck wine glasses. :) That 1000 piece puzzle looks time consuming - I wish I had the patience. ;)

  4. What a fun weekend!! My "little" brother is about 4 inches taller than me so I know what you mean! I am loving the redneck wine glasses! I think I need some! xoxo


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