Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day, 11/11/11, TTOD

It's 11/11/11!  I am definitely the person who makes a wish at 11:11 on a regular day (if I happen to notice the time at the right moment) so I'm excited about it being 11/11/11!

However, more importantly, it's Veteran's Day.  I want to thank all veterans and service members past and present that serve our country.  Thank you for your dedication, sacrifice and love!

On the pier
James (waving) and Dad returning home
USS Enterprise

*TTOD: Today, I am thankful for my family members who have served in the military.  Along with my Grandfather, my Dad served in the Navy for several years.  In fact, he was out to sea when I was born (Dec, '90) and didn't see me until he returned in May of 1991. I am especially thankful for my older brother who is currently in the U.S. Navy on the USS Enterprise - been in for four years and has two more to go - stationed in Norfolk, Va.  He has already served on one 6-month deployment and will be deployed again in March of 2012. I am extremely thankful for his sacrifice to serve our country and I look up to him as one of the smartest and strongest people I know.  Things aren't always easy in his position and at times he is working on minimal hours of sleep, but he never complains and he's always giving 100% while on duty.
I am als0 thankful for my mother who has also sacrificed a lot during my dad and brother's deployments.  I am learning myself how hard it is to say "see you soon" and I can't believe the strength that she has.

Mom and James after he returned home in July

Happy 11/11, Happy Veteran's Day, Happy Friday!


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