Monday, March 26, 2012

Baseball Weekend Recap

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Pennsylvania to watch Lehigh take on Binghamton. Although we left super early Saturday morning and came back super late Sunday evening, making for a very tired me, I was thrilled to see Steven. Plus I was due for some baseball watching! I hadn't seen any games sine California.

On Saturday the weather for the double-header was so-so (definitely not as nice as the spring weather we had been having all week in Virginia) but at least we brought some blankets to bundle up with!

That night Steven and I went to see The Hunger Games! We had both read the book and I'm glad we did. Overall, I was very pleased with the movie - even though the book is definitely better. It was almost 2.5 hours long but I still feel like it flew by!
I loved the look of the Capitol, everyone's costumes were amazing (although I think the actors looked a little plump for being starved in the book), and the action scenes were really neat.
I love that Stanley Tucci played Caesar...I think he was perfect! Effie's character was so cute/funny, however we argue that Peeta and Gale's actors should have been switched. Liam Hemsworth is way more buff/attractive which is what I think Peeta should be. I thought his actor was a little too wimpy.
I also think they should have ended it with more suspense! I like the last chapters of the book better than the ending of the movie.
Overall though, I loved it! I can't wait for the second and third ones.

Sunday was filled with another double-header and dinner at a diner.  I wish we could have had more "chill" time, but a quick trip is better than no trip in my opinion!
We got home super late, but I was able to sleep in the car so it wasn't a problem :)

Currently I am trying to stay awake through my classes, planning my courses for course request which is due tomorrow, already planning my room in my apartment for next year (SO obsessed and thankful for Etsy!), downloading music, making a grocery shopping list and trying to figure out when I can get in a run!
A little bit ADD this Monday!

I hope everyone has a great start to the week!


  1. I thought they should have ended it with more suspense too!! But I loved the Capitol costumes! I thought they did a great job!

  2. Glad y'all had a great weekend!!! The weather today could be warmer, even in Virginia! I want the 80 degree temps back!

  3. I said the same thing about Peeta and Gale!! I also missed the food! Lamb stew??

  4. Glad you had a baseball & Hunger Games filled weekend! :) I really liked the movie and was impressed it was as good as it was!

  5. sounds like we had similar and the hunger games :) life of a baseball girl, i tell ya!


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