Monday, March 5, 2012

Guest Post: Katie from His Diamond and Mine

Hi there everyone! My name is Katie and I blog over at His Diamond and Mine! I am so excited to be guest blogging for Sarah today. Her and I actually met last summer when our boys played summer ball together, and then I ran across her blog! Small world, right? 

{that's me and my man!}

Today I am hear to talk about Spring Break, but unfortunately, not the kind where you sit on the beach soaking up the sun...I am here to talk about the kind where you don't go anywhere. Womp, womp, womp.

This year is the first time in college I have gone on a Spring Break trip, so I am all too familiar with staying at home. At times, I wanted to pull my hair out, but never fear...I have found ways of making Spring Break both entertaining and productive, even when you are at home. 

1. Read, read, read. I know during school, I always wish I had time for leisure reading! Why not read those books over Spring Break that you have been eyeing? For me, I plan on attacking the Hunger Games series that everyone is raving about! 

2. Hang out with your family & your pets too! Don't lock yourself in your room and stay on your computer all day {I am very guilty of this!} Go out to lunch with your parents, take your dog for a walk, or make dinner for the fam! They love having you home, so enjoy the time with them too!

{I love seeing my puppies when I go home, excuse their devil eyes from the flash!}

3. Make something! We all love "pinning," so why not bring some of our favorites to life?! Here are a few things I have been dying to make/bake via Pinterest:

4. Whatever your heart desires! I tend to forget that Spring Break is ME time. I can do whatever I want! If that means sleeping in until 12 pm, so be it! This is the week to avoid the stress of school, work and whatever else you have on your plate. 

Live it up, no matter where you spend it!

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  1. Those pretzel-bunnies are SO CUTE!!! I wonder how difficult they would actually be to make!


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