Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Guest Post: Laura from Life of Lu

Versatile Pieces for Your Spring Break Getaway!

Hey everyone, it's Laura from Life of Lu, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be guest posting for the lovely Sarah while she's on Spring Break! I adore Sarah's blog and have been a follower since connecting with her through a Secret Santa swap this past December!

I am super excited to share a few of my Spring Break items of choice because I've learned through the years that you have to be strategic when it comes to packing... choosing items that you can layer, dress up, and dress down depending on the activity/weather! Because we all know the weather in March (when most Spring Breaks are) is anything but predictable!

My favorite example of this was my sophomore year Spring Break trip to NYC in which it was 70 degrees and sunny on the Wednesday we arrived and snowing by Friday. Thanks the good Lord that I packed rain boots or I would have been screwed with my shoe choices (Just imagine trudging all over the city on the slushy streets in flats...yikes!). 

Or there was the time that I thought since I was going to the Bahamas that I could just pack all tank tops and bikinis...yeah, I regretted that decision at night!

I know most of us Spring Breakin' it are trying to go someplace warm, but we also have to be prepared for some colder night temps, so I put together a little Polyvore ensemble of my go-to items when I need to pack for a trip, and the weather is going to be questionable!
 1. Cute, flowy tops with a different sleeve lengths
2. Lightweight jacket for layering
3. Comfy, casual, long-sleeved dress...can wear by itself of over leggings
4. Patterned scarf...need I explain!?
5. Bright colored tank-tops...perfect by itself or worn under a jacked or cardigan at night
6. Skinny jeans...perfect with any outfit
7. Dressier wedge or heel for those evenings out!
8. Rainbows or other flip flops for the beach or walking about
9. Colored flats for day or night
10. Neutral tote bag that can go with any ensemble
11. Bright colored clutch for evenings
12. Solid-colored cardigan...preferable navy, black, or white so it's super versatile
13. Super cool shades
14. Fun-colored chino shorts (might I recommend J.Crew's!?)
15. Colored bracelets to spice up any outfit
16. Statement necklace to make...well, a statement!
17. Fun dress that can be glamified or worn casually

The wheels are already turning in my head about all of the different outfits I could make with these items...for hot weather during the day or a chilly evening! Now I just need to plan that trip! 

Again, a huge thanks to Sarah for having me on her blog! I hope everyone has the BEST day!

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  1. Yay you two are some of my favorite bloggers to read :) Love the outfit ideas!


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