Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: Things I Am Excited About For Spring!

What a wonderful season we have entered :) Even though summer is my favorite, spring is a close second because it leads up to summer! Here is what I'm excited to enjoy these next couple months!

Driving with the Windows Down + Country Music Blaring
I guess this goes with summer, too, but I'm a windows/sunroof girl, not an A/C girl. Yes, my hair looks like a hot mess afterwards but do I care?

Fruity Drinks
I'm not sure this needs explaining. Cheers!

Easter & Flowers
I love Easter time! Mass is always really special, plus getting some of those Reese's Pieces carrots doesn't hurt. When we were little we went on a scavenger hunt around the house to find our baskets. It was so much fun! Also, I love springtime flowers! So many colors and scents.

Baseball & Running
Yes, baseball season begins! I'm excited for the MLB regular season to being & I hope that just maybeee Steven and I can make it to a game. The summer will be crazy so it may be wishful thinking but who knows! I'm also getting back into running and spring brings lots of good races! I'm excited to pick some to enter!

Spring Clothes! And Lilly!
I am more than happy to put away the jeans and chunky sweaters and say hello to shorts and sundresses. I'm also planning to do a little closet revamp and get rid of some old dresses to make way for new ones! Plus, it's officially okay to break out the Lilly. Yippeeee!

What are your Spring favorites?
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Happy Tuesday!


  1. I LOVE of this! I agree that I love Summer more but Spring is a close second. I just got a car with AC last summer but I still love having the windows down! And yay for springy clothes and Lilly!!!! Except what the heck is up with today's temperature?!?? I was in my bathing suit Friday and am wearing a puffy vest today! Oh Virginia...

  2. I loooove riding with the windows down when it's nice outside! And those fruity drinks look so good, I've been pinning them like crazy lately!

  3. These are all such good things!!! Spring is my favorite, for sure!!! Summers here get a little too hot and humid for me!

  4. Ooh driving with the windows down and music blaring always calms me down. Love all of these!!

  5. Fantastic picks! I'm just like you, I definitely rather the windows down to the AC any day!

    Oh fruity drinks, I'm going to have to wait for summer for these. My baby is due the beginning of August and by the middle of August I hope to be enjoying a fruity drink :)

  6. I love that baseball shirt... although mine would say I only kiss Giants fans :) And cheers to sunshine and fruity drinks!

  7. great list!! i love baseball season and Easter roo :)

    spring is my second favorite season!

  8. I love all of these things too! :)

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