Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lilly's State of Mind Patch

Since the Spring 2012 LP collection has been out, I can tell that the State of Mind patch print is almost everyone's favorite! It's really, really adorable and my favorite, too! I especially love it in the Adelson shift.
If only I weren't on a college budget!

Anyway, I was trying so hard to find the VA patch on the items online but was failing miserably.

In case you were in the same boat with your state, here's some help!

I found this on no other than Pinterest :)

I love how they put "Virginia" in a heart! Virginia is for lovers :)

I also really like Tennessee, Hawaii and Florida!
Look at Kansas - they incorporated Dorothy! How freakin' cute.

What do y'all think of the State of Mind patches?
Do you like your state's patch?
Anyone already grab an item in this print?

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I can't exactly tell, but I think that's a Clemson paw in the bottom corner of the SC one. I LOVE that! It's kind of small, so I can't see if they did, but I wish they had incorporated the state flag!

  2. I love my KY horses, but I don't know if I'm obsessed with this print. It is cute, but I don't necessarily want to wear it!

  3. Ah! I didn't know about these but I LOVE the North Carolina one!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. My faveeee print of spring! I have a dress, skirt, and shorts. Oops!

  5. I have a shirt that says VA is for lovers :)

    Love the Kentucky one though :), but they are all cute!!

  6. My fave is California! Haha :) So cute!

  7. Looooove this & I love the NC print with the lighthouse :] cute!

  8. This is my FAVORITE print from spring!! Virginia and Florida are my two states and think they're both adorable, but I'm a little sad that I bought a tate and the VA patch isn't on there :/
    Also kinda random...but after finding this same chart the other day, I'm kinda considering attempting to paint the VA one on a little canvas to hang by my desk....

  9. love this print! FL is my state and of course it's my favorite!



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