Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Challenge: Day 6 (A favorite!)

First of all, what did you think of the Superbowl? I was pretty happy that the Giants won. They seemed to deserve it...?
For the record, when I'm with my Dad I'm a Steelers fan, when I'm with Steven I'm an Eagles fan and when I'm with my Mom I'm a Redskins fan :)
I aim to please everyone!

Today is the start of the second week of the Fabulous Valentine's Challenge with Neely, Amber and Casey!

Today's topic is: Love to be Creative! (Recipes, Crafts, Gifts, etc)
Of course I'm headed to Pinterest to help with me today's topic.

Here are my top 3ish favorites!

Paper Rose Wreath

I think this is adorable! It seems time consuming, but worth it. I love the big ribbon!

Valentine Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate covered pretzels are one of my favorite things. So yummy! These are so easy to make and so cute to look at! You could easily use these for different holidays just by changing the colors of the sprinkles :)

Valentines for Kids
Remember back in elementary school when Valentine's Day was even more awesome than it is today? You had class parties & got to go to the store and pick out valentines to hand out to your classmates?
Well, that is one of the perks of working with kids! For 3 hours next Tuesday I'll get to share in the excitement with the kids at GLE. I'm pumped.
Here are some adorable valentines I'm thinking would be great to bring to them!

Super Valentine

Tootsie Roll Pop Flower

Goldfish Pack

M&M Baggies with Shovel

I'll let you know which I decide to make later on!

Planing on making any Valentine's Day treats or crafts?
I'd love to see what you create or you can join in on the link up to share!

Happy Monday!


  1. I love all of these! I want so badly to make a cute Valentine's wreath for our apartment, but I tend to go overboard and spend $1000 in Ben Franklin for a holiday that lasts one day so I'm holding back this time!

  2. these are all so cute!! Can't wait to see which ones you end up making!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am in love with that wreath! So adorable!

  4. I love that the giants won. How funny that you pull for the same team as whoever you are with. Haha! I'm making my students the crayon hearts that have been all over pinterest. I love the super valentines! So cute! Happy Monday!

  5. Now I want some chocolate covered pretzels... yum!!

  6. I think the M&M Bags are too cute!

  7. I love the valentine's for the kids!! I am still debating on what I will do for my second graders next week..but it will definitely be something Pinterest-inspired!

  8. Yum this makes me hungry! I kinda want to make the goldfish for my friends :)

  9. I've made that wreath! And you're totally right... it's SO time consuming.
    M&Ms are precious!


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!