Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow Day!

Okay, so even though we never get class cancelled (as far as the university goes - a lot of individual professors cancel their classes) I'm still considering it a snow day!


I took Sadie on a walk to get a movie from the Redbox!

Jeans were maybe a bad idea. Oh well!

Silly girl loves the snow, even when her little legs get buried!

These are from this morning. Snowy trees + the sun is gorgeous!

I feel like all of this snow should have happened in December! I'm sitting here waiting for spring!
At least today's forecast is in the 50s.

My 8 am class was cancelled which I was SO happy about, but I still have an 11:15 to make it to.
Since Mom has today off from work we're thinking of heading up to Plato's Closet & Kohl's after class!

Anyone else get a somewhat belated snow dump?

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. The trees look so gorgeous! We were supposed to get some snow, but never did. I was sad!

  2. I am so jealous of the snow! It was sleeting here in Houston last week, but no snow :(

  3. These are gorgeous pictures! I am jealous! We have barely gotten under 60 degrees this year! Have fun!

  4. Great pictures! I just love snow! Have fun this afternoon with your mom! :)

  5. This is so beautiful! If we got a big snow like that EVERYTHING in the whole city would have shut down. ;o)

    We got snow yesterday that didn't stick, but it turned to ice overnight. It was really pretty for a couple hours this morning before the sun melted everything!

  6. The snow in the Mond is melting so fast, you would hardly know we had 4 inches last night! I'm not complaining though! It's like the ideal snow "storm"- it disappears as quickly as it came. And did you see this Thursday's temperatures?! 72 degrees!

    Love your doggie too! I wish I had a dog to walk with me in the snow!

  7. We got about an inch or two of snow. It wasn't anything significant but has been our biggest snowfall thus far this winter.

  8. Your dog is so precious! And enjoy the snow.. we didn't get any in Rhode Island!

  9. We also got dumped on here in Utah. The weather has been so nice all winter, in the 40s and 50s. I was hoping it would stay that way. Love your blog, just stumbled upon it!



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