Saturday, May 14, 2011

730 ghc feels weird

This week has been so exhausting, and yet so much fun. With the end of exams came move-out/going home time. My roomie/partner in crime Brittany left for home (in Vermont) on Thursday. It's super weird to come home and not hear "Hellllllloooooooo!!??!?" when I walk in the door! It's also strange to walk upstairs and see a lonely little table and NOTHING in her room :( She has the sweetest lil family though, so I'm happy for her that she is home to spend time with them - and her pup pup Sasha!

On Wednesday, the boy came home. I drove with his Dad to PA AND BACK in the same day - talk about a killer drive. After however many times I've driven up there, I could probably do it with my eyes closed, but up and back in one day was a lot! We got up there around 1:00, packed up the suburban, got lunch at the Shiny Place and then headed on home. Honestly, it kind of just felt like one big drive and not really going "to and back" from one place.

I feel like that made no sense...It's past my bedtime!

Anyway, I am now trying to fill my days with fun and exciting things - minus passing out! Yesterday I took a little tumble into the corner of my dresser. Thankfully Steven was there to catch me (literally) before I fell completely to the floor where I probably would have hit my head even harder! It was the strangest sensation in the world - I couldn't see or hear and I felt like I was going to get sick. I have learned my breakfast, keep your upstairs room under seventy-some degrees & don't clean underneath your bed and then stand up really quick and then kneel back down to your dresser! Ugh :( My eyebrow has a nice little extension...meh.

On a lighter note, today, sb and I went to Panera for lunch (my favorite!), ran to Target & the mall, then I had my regular work shift at 3.  Work is the only thing that has stayed the same...I hope I remember to go each day! Whooooppps.

My jam right now/my soundtrack to summer/I miss bpatt...

peace n blessins

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