Monday, May 23, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

What a great weekend! Finally we got some real summer weather. It got up into the 80's, and then of course ended last night with a somewhat scary thunderstorm. Normally, I'm okay with thunderstorms (especially if I'm inside) but last night the wind was so strong & the lightning made it seem like daytime! It was intense.

As I mentioned earlier, I was a sponsor for confirmation on Friday, and as promised - here are some pics!
All of the girls @ Sarah's house!

Katlyn & I before heading to the church! She is too cute.
All of the girls at church! Kylie was so excited...clearly!
The siblings :)
All-in-all confirmation was great! We both remembered where to go/what to say/etc, and I am so proud of Katlyn for choosing to be confirmed!

On Saturday, I did some yard work at home, with SB's help, and then my Aunt & Uncle from NOVA came down with their pups. Luke, Scout & Trace ran around and around with Sadie tagging right along! It was so cute!
Sadie had sooo much fun with her 3 lab cousins
On Sunday, I started feeling sick which is not fun. On Saturday my allergies were attacking me, so I thought it was the aftermath of that but as I sit here, I am still blowing my nose just about every 5 minutes. Sleeping was also difficult the past two nights...ugh! I just hope I'm better by the time I have to go to work!

On Sunday I took my (almost daily) trip to Target and did some other errands as well. SB broke one of his golf clubs on literally the 3rd swing he ever took with it, so we went to deal with that. Dick's was having a boat sale - it made me want to go get on the water!
That evening we went putt-putting:
David & Steven ready to tackle the course
 It was so much fun! SB got two hole-in-ones so we have a card for Red Robin & Texas Roadhouse. The only thing I hate about putt-putt is that sometimes you get stuck behind a super slow group and then you either awkwardly wait behind them or you have to just play your hole multiple times and/or really slow. Of course that happened yesterday, but the boys took advantage of that extra time & goofed around.
Oh boy..

Today, I am crossing my fingers that it doesn't rain so that we can go to the zoo & the baseball game later!

Hope yall have a fantastic day, as always.


  1. The new blog background is SO CUTE. i'm a lil jealous.
    Ya'll looked so cute at Confirmation!!


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