Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Trends: Welcome to Summer

WOW, if you live on the east coast, you know how HOT HOT HOT it has been the past couple of days! Blacksburg set two new heat records both yesterday and today...can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. We had a freezing winter, then a couple of weeks ago all we had was rain all day, every day...and now we can't get a break from the heat & humidity. I don't think we'll ever win! To beat the heat after work this morning, I headed to the pool with my roomie.
Pool @ Maple
We got there just in time to grab some good chairs before the wave of people rolled in. We could only stand to be there about 2 hours though because it was soooooooo hot!!

Yesterday, I went shopping with my Momma & cousin - it was her 14th birthday present! A shopping trip! Found some good deals! I got some linen pants, a t-shirt dress with rope belt, running shorts, denim shorts, bathing suit, halter dress and some sandals. I think I'm set for summer! :)
I'm super excited to wear the white linen pants - found them for super cheap at Target! (love Target) I've never owned a pair, but I figured they would be nice and light for summer. Already broke in the bathing suit today at the pool!
Meg & I outside of Old Navy

SB had his first game in Martinsville tonight...can't wait to hear how they did! The temperature down there has been around 98/99 degrees. You couldn't pay me enough to stand out on a baseball field for hours in that heat. Bless those little souls...

Tonight I had my CPR/First Aid certification training! I am now certified to perform CPR on adults & children! I also know way too much about first aid/broken bones/yucky stuff. It's good stuff to know though, if you don't have your certification you should get it! I work with elementary school children so it's definitely important for me to have updated!

Getting up at 6:00 + running to work + out in the heat + 6 more hours of work tonight = I'm exhausted!
Hope y'all enjoy the short work week :)

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  1. Oh I am so jealous of your heat, were just going in to winter and I hate it. I would love to be sitting by a pool. Congrats on your first aid!


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