Thursday, May 26, 2011

Recent Obsessions

I am laying in bed sick today (great way to spend a sunny summer day huh?) and I am thinking about some recent obsessions of mine, and I thought I would share :)

1. DIY Projects
I am on the "college student budget" which means although I'd love to go crazy at Pottery Barn & Ikea, it ain't gonna happen. I was browsing blogs & I found some perfect DIY projects for my new room that I can complete this summer! Check out these three projects (and the blog that gave me the inspiration/directions: Honey We're Home) that I WILL have done by August!

Starburst Mirror
Fabric Covered Canvas
Inspiration Board

Check back later to see if I actually do them - and yell at me if I don't!

2. Arnold Palmer Iced Tea/Lemonade
This is actually a constant obsession of mine. I went into a Sheetz a couple weeks ago & found two more versions - one with pink lemonade and one that was Peach flavored...sweet! Here is one of my favorite commercials though, that compliments my obsession:

3. Market Totes
You can ask anyone (especially my girl BPatt) that I am a regular in the "big Krogs" on South Main Street. I just love to go grocery shopping & it seems that I find a reason to go to Kroger daily! These shopping bags are soooo cute & they help cut down on all the annoying plastic bags that are really only good for trash bags or doggy bags.
Lilly Pulitzer Market Tote
Vera Bradley Shopping Tote
I personally have the VB bag. It's beautiful summer colors are perfect to take to Kroger, or even to a picnic or baseball game! It has an inside pocket & it's super durable so I don't think I'll have to worry about this baby ripping like you have to sometimes with the plastic ones. Love them! (Other styles/colors available)

4. Planning Travel
I love to travel! On my bucket list is to make it to a "major city/town/attraction" in every state.  There are so many places I want to see, but a few are sticking out in my mind right now.
I would love to go to Maine because it's where my Grandmother was from. We have somewhat extended family still living there (we don't keep in touch, really) but I'm sure they'd give us a fantastic travel guide :) They live in Kennebunkport which is probably where I would want to head! I'm not much for cold weather, but I love the ocean and all the lighthouses! Plus I'm sure I could score some awesome seafood :)

SB is from Austin and I think if it were up to him, they would have never left! He only has great things to say about this city, but I'm not surprised! It's appears to be bursting with things to do, places to go, music to listen to and lots and lots of delicious food to eat! Being from a small town, I would really love to go to a big city like Austin & have the experience of hardly ever being bored. Plus, as they say, everything is bigger in Texas & my motto on life is Go Big or Go Home, so it's perfect! And again, I'd have a pretty sweet tour guide :)
Nashville. Country Music Hall of Fame. Need I say more?

Well, of course with it being summer, I have the beach on my mind :) Key West is one of those places where the pictures are gorgeous, but I don't feel like it's real until I see it for myself! I've been to Florida multiple times & I lovvvve it. I am always tempted to just keep on going South til I get to the Keys! Along with Hawaii, Key West is one of my top Beach Vacation spots to hit up asap!

5. Summer Movies
Last night, or rather this morning, I went to the premiere of The Hangover Part II.

If you saw the first one and liked it, you are sure to like the sequel. It's more or less the same plot but thankfully they used all the same characters so it was just as funny. It definitely has some crude humor in it (probably shouldn't go with your mom or young children) but that's part of what makes it what it is. Definitely worth seeing if you liked the first one! The theater was packed! One showing was sold out, but there was one following 1 minute later so no worries. There were some good previews too. (I love the previews!) Horrible Bosses and Bad Teacher both look good!
Here is the next one on my list:
Hehe :)

That's all for now! It's time to face the day! Hopefully this cold kicks the curb soon so I can get back into my groove.

I hope yall have a lovely Thursday :)

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  1. I am a huge fan of DIY projects and I am also a movie fanatic. So I couldn't agree more with your recent obsessions. I am a new follower of your blog and I am loving it so far.
    -Sarah from


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