Tuesday, May 10, 2011

kiss me, k-k-kiss me

Today was a verrrrry interesting day.  First, I woke up at my usual 6:00 to go to work at 7:00. That was fine - got to read People magazine until the first kiddos showed up around 7:50. Sometimes there are kids practically waiting for us at 7:00 when we get there, and then sometimes we won't get kids until after 8:00! You never know! That's why I always come prepared with some nice literature or my iPod.

After work, I headed home to my lovely roommates, Sarah & Brittany. We changed into some cute clothes - thanks Sarah for the shorts & Brittany for the shoes! Hehe :) - and then started out on our roadtrip to the Ft. Chiswell Polo outlet! ....or so we thought...
Brittany is so excited to go shopping with her Lily tote!
As you may be suspecting...the outlet is no longer there! We drove all the way out there for nothin :( However, we discussed the whole way down about how I have never been to a Bojangle's...sooooo instead, we went to the Bojangle's. Nothin like a roadtrip to Bojangle's.
First trip to Bojangle's!

Okay, so after that we headed back home & went downtown to shop. Sarah was looking for a graduation gift for her boyfriend and she was bound and determined to find it!
We headed to 310 Rosemont, a boutique store downtown, and she was successful :)
 Brittany & I played with the pup pup while Sarah tried to make a decision ;)
Yay! She made one! Look how happy she is!

Since we had wasted a little bit of time, we wanted to make the most of our day in downtown B'burg, so we decided to shop around some more. We headed for Alligator Alley and - what do ya know - it is closed on Tuesdays!! Just our luck. womp womp.
Then, we thought how good some Ben & Jerry's would taste on a hot day like today. So we headed in to Kent Square!
Here we go!
 What do ya know - it's closed!!

We are 2/5 at this point...kind of embarrassing.  But that's okay because we went to Mad Dog, they were open, and we all-in-all had a good day together as best friends forever :) and ever :)

We even ended the day with some Elderberry's!!!!

After tonight/tomorrow we will all officially be done with the semester :) It has been one of ups and downs (mostly ups but the downs were spikes) but I wouldn't trade spending it with Brittany & Sarah for anything!

*Weather Alert: there's a scary storm outside...IT'S RAININ SIDEWAYS!

Stay classy :)

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