Saturday, May 7, 2011

when 4 become 3

First of all, I spent the past hour or two decorating my blog. I am so excited about it, it's sort of embarrassing!

I don't really know how to blog, so I'll probably end up saying too much...someone can feel free to yell at me or give me some advice!

The end of the semester (the year!) is finally here. With it comes feelings of joy and feelings of sadness. First of all, I am PUMPED to be done with Biology & Consumer Rights. They were certainly not my favorite classes ever, to say the least...
Also, the end of spring semester means - IT'S SUMMER TIME :) I love the summer! I don't have any impressive plans, but the idea of getting a tan and sleeping in is...heavenly.
I am sad though because I don't want my AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, FUNNY, WONDERFUL roommate Brittany to go back to Vermont :( That is the wrong VT she is heading for...
It is going to be SO WEIRD without her here. Sarah and I are gonna have the whole place to ourselves...what in the world are we gonna do?!
I am just SOOOOO sad that Sarah and I's roommate Brittany is leaving :( That is the only sad thing about the end of the semester. The only one.

Good memories from this year at 730 ghc: Brittany's 21st - the spilled margarita, the Christmas party - nothing broke or spilled!, CACAW! - not "good" really, but enough said, ACC game in Charlotte, the stolen wreath - and ending up knowing the thief who put it in her profile picture, that time we almost experienced a tornado - way to go mountains, our boy Travis who we will never actually know, ZBB concert :) and way...way...more.
I love these girls. <3

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