Saturday, May 7, 2011


My puppy Sadie is growing so fast. Her 1st birthday was on March 2 of this year. We adopted her May 1, 2010 which means we celebrated her adoption day six days ago!!

She really is the best dog in the world. Most people say that about their dogs, yeah, but I'm pretty sure it's true. We hardly had to do any potty training with her, she loves the car and her crate, walks well on the leash and loves people!

Sadie throughout the past year:
 When we brought her home :)
 With her first best friend, Katie :)
 Playin in the grass :)
 Posing for her pic in the new house :)
 On a walk at the Huckleberry :)
 Sleeping on her new bed :)
 Outside checkin out the new pebbles :)
Waiting for a treat :)

That's it! Gonna go finish Sadie's Mother's Day present :) hehe

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