Monday, May 16, 2011

To-Do List

Now that I am completely done with school, I have started a to-do list for the summer! So far all I have planned is to hang out with the boy & go to work, so I'll have some free time. Here are some of the things on my list:
  • Read several books - all the way through. I have trouble with starting multiple books at a time and never getting through any of them.
  • Buy some bar stools to last through the summer - paint/finish them.
  • Organize my room into one "theme" or color/pattern/?
  • Find a smaller dark brown desk. We had enough trouble getting the one I have into my room - when I move it would be chaos to try and move it again! I did get it for only $25 at a yard sale though, so I am pretty proud of it. I need the space, though!
  • Scrapbook my Disney pictures!
  • Plan (and execute) a full on American Welcome Home party for my brother in July
Okay, so the real list is much longer than that, but it's filled with silly things like "go get ice cream at so-and-so" and whatnot.

Here is what I'm reading now:
I have to get this finished before the movie comes out later early next year!! I'm about halfway through. Like I said, I started reading this a long time ago but put it down when my schoolwork demanded my full attention. I absolutely love Nicholas Sparks and ALL of his novels. Not only is he a wonderful writer (full of life and romance) but he is also a really good person! He is a native of North Carolina (right below us) and places most of his stories in NC. He is very in-tune with his community and even coaches the track team of his local high school. He is an avid runner himself, which I can relate to! If you don't follow him on Twitter, you should!! @SparksNicholas. He tweets a lot about what he's writing, how it's going, what else is going on throughout his day, and even does contests where you can win signed books! LOVE HIM!

Another check of the list was finding non-booty jean shorts! I was finally successful in finding some at a good price. Here are the ones that I wanted:
  J. Crew Selvedge denim shorts; $79.50

Sarah let me borrow hers that are similar to these and I could have worn them all day. The were very comfortable, fit well & most of all - didn't show da booty or the high thighs! I am comfortable with body and everything, but I hate sitting down and having to pull my shorts down every 5 minutes.

However, my college student budget didn't react well to the J. Crew price tag, soooo I ended up with:
American Eagle Destroyed Boyfit Midi Shorts; on sale for $24.95

I'm not a huge fan of the "destroyed" look - I could rip my pants fo free if I wanted to! But, for $25, I would rather have the comfort of the longer length than be worrying about the ripped look. Plus, compared to their other styles, these were hardly ripped.

For now, they will have to do! I'm just happy to have something I can wear to work and not feel self-conscious!

Anyone have any bedroom theme/color/pattern ideas? Again, I'm working on a college student budget but when I move into my new townhouse in July I want to refresh my room! So far I have dark wood furniture and a light blue quilt. But I love pink and purple :) Then again, my school colors are maroon & orange... This might take a while!



Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!