Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blog Makeover

Y'all...It's Saturday..?! I can't believe how quickly this week went by - especially since I feel like I didn't do that much (especially blogging -oops). With school being over, I just have to make sure I remember to go to work Tue-Fri, but I honestly don't have much to do! The bf and I have gone out to lunch several times at all of the places in B'burg that he missed eating at while he was at school. That has been nice, especially since he'll be into the full swing of baseball when June gets here!

Yesterday I was honored to be a Confirmation sponsor for the second year in a row. Last year, I sponsored one of SB's younger brothers and this year I am sponsoring my good friend Sarah's younger sister, Katlyn. I was so excited to hear that she wanted me to be her sponsor. It's a huge step to be confirmed in the church & I'm just so honored I could be a part of her special day! Now, for next year...I have to find someone to sponsor & keep my streak alive! hehe

Other than that, work has been same 'ol, same ' of the kindergarteners today told me that I look like I'm having a's that for a confidence booster?! I guess I gotta step up my mileage! Haha, this lil guy is one of my favorites (am I allowed to have favorites??) though, so I forgave him quickly :)

Today, my Uncle & Aunt from NOVA came down to spend the night. They brought their two black labs, Scout & Luke, which in addition to Trace (black lab) & Sadie...there are dogs all over the place! Sadie is definitely the odd one out, but she fits right in - and she's in HEAVEN with so many cousins to play with!

MY BLOG LOOKS DIFFERENT! I just spent about 1-2 hours finding the perfect blog background to rejuvenate my blog. What do yall think? I also changed the title of my blog to something more casual. For all I know by next week it will all be changed again...

The weather today got up to 80 degrees!! YAHOOOO! I have been so sick of the rain VA has been getting the past week or so. According to Patrick McKee we should be seeing the 80's all next week...he better be right! SB & I are going to go to the zoo (I hope) on Monday. I am lovin' me this summer sunshine <3

I took so many pictures the past two days...they're on their way!
"The purpose of life is a life of purpose" -Robert Byrne


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