Monday, January 2, 2012

Fun Blog Finds & Upcoming Fun!

This morning as I was browsing blogs I found some fun things I would like to share! Hopefully the blog owners don't mind...they're just too fun/cute not to share!

20 Going On 80 has an awesome 60 Mile Countdown printable! This is great for anyone who has an exercise New Year's resolution, especially training for a race!
Visit her blog for the link to the printable!

LilyGene has an adorable 2012 calendar printable! This is perfect to slip into my binders/folders for school in case my agenda is out of reach. I might also put it on my ribbon board on my desk! There is also a link on her blog to print out each month :)
Visit her blog for the link to download!

Antique Monograms
I was looking at Maryland Pink & Green's blog and she had posted about Wedding Chicks offering free antique monograms! All you do is go to this page, pick your frame color, initial color & initial and voila! You can even go back & make more in different colors! Then save it to your computer :) Here is one of mine:
They are so fun!

Visited States Map
I found this first on In The Pink's blog but apparently it traveled from a few different ones! All you do is go to this page, click the states you've been to and it generates a map with the states colored in that you chose! It's fun to see where all you've been! Here's my map...clearly I'm an East coast girl! I did go to New Mexico though for a two-week backpacking trip one summer! Sidenote: I didn't count the states that I've only driven through or only been in an airport in. For example, I had an overlay in the Dallas airport but I definitely don't count that as going to TX!

Y'all should give it a try so I can see where everyone has been! One of the things on my bucket list is to visit every state! 

Now for the Upcoming Fun!


The Winter Classic just started! GO FLYERS!

Steven & I are on the couch watching but definitely wishing we were there! Besides of course the freezing weather...

For lunch today we went to Cookout! It just opened a few days ago in Blacksburg. It was de-lish. My favorite things about it so far: Hush Puppies. Cheerwine. Crushed ice.

Any Cookout fans out there?

Then later tonight...The Bachelor starts! Soooo excited! The first night is always my favorite...aka I am not-so-secretly judging all of the contestants and claiming my favorites!

Will any of you be watching?


Sugar Bowl, babyyyy! This will be another game I will be watching but wishing I was at! Mom, Steven and I are going to go to Bull & Bones to watch! SOOO excited! GO HOKIES!!!

Whew! Lots of fun to look forward to! Hope everyone is having a wonderful first Monday of the year! :)



  1. Love it all, and I really love the states map!

  2. I will definitely be tuned in to the bachelor! I get so caught up in that show! I really like the map that shows you where all a person has been, I might just do that!

  3. Because of your Cookout tweet this morning I went and got Cookout for lunch! Also, I cant wait to watch the VT game tomorrow night! Go Hokies!

  4. I love all of these printables, going to have to check some out. And I will be watching the bachelor, can't wait to see what crazy drama happens this season.

  5. Love this post!! What a cute calendar! I am excited for the bachelor too!!

  6. I loooove all these links!! I'm so excited that you watch the Bachelor too... I'd definitely gonna be gossiping about it with you!!! :]

  7. Thanks for sharing my printable! Also, thanks for reminding me that the bachelor was on tonight...I would have totally missed it! :)

  8. I have to watch The Bachelor AND Pretty Little Liars tonight!!

  9. Love these finds! Thanks for sharing! And I will def be tuning into the bachelor tonight!!! Super excited!

  10. those are such great blog finds!! i especially love the calendar!

  11. THIS IS MY FAVORITE POST! I love the printables and will be printing out the map and exercise one immediately. Thanks for sharing girl!

  12. Looooove me some cookout! We got 2 in Richmond not that long ago and I had it for the first time a few months ago. Delish! I'm not a huge fan of Ben but I'll definitely be watching the Bachelor tonight. :) I wish I had gone to the game too but it was way too expensive to travel there. Oh well....can't wait to watch it!

  13. I can't wait for the Bachelor tonight! I don't get off work til 11:00pm so I will definitely be staying up super late to watch worth it! And I can't wait to go make my map! It's also on my bucket list to visit every state...I haven't gotten very far though. Haha...I'm a west coast girl!

  14. I'm looking forward to the new season of the Bachelor! I had to DVR it since my team is playing in the Fiesta Bowl tonight. I will definitely be cheering for the Hokies in their bowl game!

  15. I love all of these things!! And I am SUPER excited for the Sugar Bowl tomorrow!! LETS GO HOKIES!!!

  16. I went to my first Cookout this weekend and loved it! Can't wait to be back in the 'burg to enjoy ours! And oh my goodness LETS GO HOKIIIIEESSS!!! So excited and so so nervous hah!

  17. Just found your that visited state map!!! my family's done a lot of traveling, so it's going to be fun to see how my map turns out!


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!