Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holly Jolly Link-Up!

I'm so glad it's time for the Holly Jolly Swap link-up! I'm so glad that Ashley, Crystal & Emily set this up for all of us bloggers. I had a lot of fun shopping around, I was able to find a lot of new blogs through all of the participants and it gave me something to look forward to in the mail! Always fun! Thank you girls so much!

Here is what my Secret Santa Ashley from Everyday AEM sent to me!

Here is the adorable paper & bow it came wrapped in - I forgot to take a "before" picture!

Here is what she sent me!

An adorable handmade card with my personalized bookmark, Peachie-O's (my favorite), monogrammed stationary and The Twelve Days of Christmas in Virginia children's book!

I am so glad that Ashley and I were paired up because we have so much in common! I was so surprised/happy to find the Christmas book. I took it to work with me that following week and read it to the kids! They loved it! I then tested them afterwards on VA facts. It was so much fun!

How cute are they? I can't wait to use them!

Thank you Ashley for all the goodies! I absolutely love everything that you sent me :)

Check out Laura @ Life of Lu's post to see what I sent her! I didn't think to take any pictures...but she did! :) So glad to have made a new blog friend!


  • Last night was, in one word, heartbreaking. I have a lot of frustration in me still with some bad plays and bad calls but I'm going to try and leave it in the past! What's done is done. I'm sorry if y'all think it's silly that we take the games so seriously ("it's just a game!") but here in Blacksburg...that's pretty much life. ESPECIALLY if you're a student. We love our Hokies!
  • Back to work for me today! At least the kids have been back already two days so they won't be too wild...or is that wishful thinking?
  •  I added a button! Please "grab it" if you would like! I don't know how to include the HTML underneath, so sorry about that! I also started to collect other people' if you have one and don't see yours on the right hand side of my blog towards the bottom, let me know! I'd be happy to add it :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You got such great items! the stationary was great!:) Thank you for participating!

  2. I am SO glad you loved your gifts! I have that children's books (but for NC) and it's one of my favorites for the holidays! Hopefully someday you will be able to have it in your own classroom! I'm so glad you joined in on the fun! I have enjoyed getting to know you in the blog world over these last few months.. especially because we are so much alike! Enjoy your day back to work!

    I grabbed your button!

  3. I LOVE those notecards!! They are so perfect! And I agree 100% on the game last night. Heartbreaking is the word, but I honestly believe that we played an amazing game (although not flawless) and it definitely proves our legitimacy to be playing with the "big boys." We will definitely be missing Danny Coale next year!!!


  4. Be sure to check out my most recent post.. you're featured in it!:)

    Shelby xoxo

  5. i'm loving that stationary!! i've been searching for a set of my own and those look perfect!

  6. You're the best, Secret Santa! Love my gifts and so glad to have found your blog! Good luck back with the kiddies...mine were surprisingly ready to get back to work!

  7. I love your new stationary! I've been looking for some monogrammed note cards to add to my collection. Yours are so simple, yet gorgeous! LOVE!

  8. Looks like you received some fabulous things! The swap was so much fun! The stationary is so cute.

    I hate that the Hokies lost last night. That was one crazy game!


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!