Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Today I'm switching things up & joining the Sometimes and Always party with Megan @ Mackey Madness!
This is such a cute idea!

Sometimes: I get cold in the middle of the night.
Always: I put on sweatpants instead of getting up to adjust the heat.

Sometimes: I say that I'm glad I'm not in a sorority.
Always: I'm jealous of their cute sweatshirts.

Sometimes: I plan nice outfits to wear to class - dress well, test well!
Always: Yoga pants scream my name and they win.

Sometimes: I sit down to change my blog design.
Always: After two hours, nothing has changed except my level of frustration!

Sometimes: I get in bed early to get a good night of sleep.
Always: I get on Pinterest...and go to bed after midnight.

Sometimes: Steven and I start a movie after 8:00 p.m.
Always: I fall asleep five minutes in, no matter what movie it is!

Sometimes: I buy a deep shade of nail polish.
Always: My nails end up painted pink.

Sometimes: Children frustrate me.
Always: One of them finds a way to say or do something that reminds me why I want to teach! (example: After having to deal with a disobedient group yesterday, I turned around and got a big, surprise hug from a sweet, sweet third grader! For no reason at all. Love her.)

Sometimes: I vow to eat healthy.
Always: Life is short...and frozen yogurt is delicious.

That's all for today! So excited to try a new link up :)
Thanks to Megan for hosting & Crystal for pointing it out to me!
Have a great day!


  1. I feel the same way about sorority sweatshirts! I'm not in one because it's not a big deal at our school, but I love a good sweatshirt :)

  2. So cute! I feel like I agree with all of these!

  3. I love this post! I have found myself doing every single one of these things --- especially the one about children! That will happen for the rest of our lives! I am also secretly jealous of cute sorority t-shirts... however, I think we are better off focusing just on our future teacher lives!!

  4. Love this! Especially the one about getting in bed early and then bringing my laptop with me and being on Pinterest for hours!!!

  5. "Life is short and frozen yogurt is delicious" (or any variation of that in which "frozen yogurt" is replaced with any other delicious but not so healthy food) is a quote to live by =)

  6. I'm with you 100% on changing my blog! I swear that is the MOST frustrating process EVER!!!!
    Have a good Wednesday :)

  7. I love this post! I wish I could even begin to change the layout of my blog- I'm pretty hopeless! Yours looks very cute though. Have a wonderful day! xo

  8. Ahhhh, I love this!! I always want to tweak my blog design, but it takes me SO long to figure out how that I just give up!!

    Thanks for linking up with me!!


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