Monday, January 16, 2012

Three Back to School Essentials

Tomorrow is my first day of classes! I would normally call today my "last day of freedom", however, I have a whole month's worth of clothing/gifts/miscellaneous items to move back to my townhouse! Then I have to go to work and the grocery store so, really, it's going to be a busy day!

Here are three of my back-to-school essentials that are going to get me through tomorrow:

1. Outfit & Accessories

Outift: This is a typical school day outfit for me! Easy to put together and I can even wear it straight to work.
Vera Backpack: That isn't the specific pattern I have (I have Folkloric) but I'll definitely be using it tomorrow!
Macbook: I'm still rocking the original white macbook & I love it. I am dreading the day that it dies on me - hopefully that's never :)
Starbucks: It's going to be an early morning for me since I'll need to catch the bus. I'm thinking about getting an even earlier one just to be able to stop for a coffee!
Lilly Agenda, Sharpie Pens: I'm going to be filling this baby up all day - using the amazing Sharpie pens - with due dates and important things to remember! Almost always I have a professor who changes a date that's on the syllabus, so I like to wait until after the first day to write everything in.
iPhone: Let's be honest. Would I go anywhere without it? Words With Friends, Family Feud & Carrie Underwood are going to be entertaining me as I wait for the bus!

2. Class Schedule

I tried to keep my classes early (I'm more of a morning person) so that I would have more time to work. I'm in a mixture of classes required by my major & electives I need to complete the VA PK-6 Teaching checksheet that's going to get me into graduate school!
Here's what I'm looking at this semester:

Research Methods in Human Development
MWF 8:00 - 8:50 am
Excited about this class, except for the 8:00 start time (that's still a little early, even for me) and the ten-page research paper! Eek.

Education for Exceptional Learners
TR 11:00 - 12:15 pm
Excited for this class! All about Special Education.

United States Social History
Glad this class is online -- just hope it doesn't turn out to be too much work. It has about five required books!

Human Development Internship
M 4:00-4:50 pm
I'll also be doing internship hours in an elementary school, mixed with some work hours, throughout the semester for this class!

Introduction to Theatre
MWF 11:15-12:05 pm
Lots of plays to read for this one but it's supposed to be an easy class :)

Intro to Women's and Gender Studies
TR 9:30-10:45 am
An elective for my Arts & Humanities section.

3. A Clean Desk

Not my desk - but what I'm going for! Clean!
It's hard to get any work done when a) you have no where to work and/or b) your work space is a mess!
I'm going to work really hard (before my homework gets piled up) to organize my desk a little better! I have a new desk this year and last semester I don't think I used it to the best of my ability. I need to be a little more strategic about how to use all the little nooks & crannies! I'll upload a real picture of it once it looks better :)

What are your back to school essentials?

I hope everyone that started last week had a great first week!
To everyone in my boat - good luck this week!



  1. Love your Lilly planner and colored pens are definitely on my list. Have a great first week back!

  2. You're inspiring me to clean my desk now! Wish I had a desk that looked like that! Good luck tomorrow with your first day back, that sounds like a really good semester. Mine's already in full swing and wow my calendar is filled. Lists lists lists lists!! Gotta keep organized. Have a fun day moving back!

  3. I neeeeeed a clean desk as well! I cannot function when my desk is messy! Good luck with classes tomorrow!

  4. Couldn't agree more about the clean desk. I like for my entire room to be spotless before I sit down to do serious work!

  5. Good Luck with classes tomorrow! This post has inspired me to get organized for my classes that start next week.

  6. I couldn't agree more! About all three things, actually lol.
    Good luck!


  7. That will prob be (almost) my exact school day outfit tomorrow too because unfortunately it is supposed to rain on my first day of school! Yuck! And I made sure my desk was organized today and have even already packed my super organized backpack! I'm so excited for school! Have a great first day!

  8. This is a cute post.. I am jealous you're in the exceptional child class!! I can't take mine till next semester. Also, love the new header. How do you get your main part of your blog so spaced out? Mine is so narrow...

  9. I loved Intro to Theater! It was very easy and really interesting!

  10. Coffee to start the day-- you bet!

  11. Good luck starting back to school! Coffee is a must-have when you have an 8:00 class.

  12. The first thing I do every semester is write everythinggg from my syllabi in too! & Organize my desk. It always makes going back a liitttle bit easier! Hope your first week goes well!


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