Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday & GEAUX HOKIES!

Time for another Top 5 Tuesday link up with Rachel!

Favorite Jewelry Pieces

I only brought a couple jewelry pieces with me home (since I'm still on break) so I don't have my ultimate favorites, but I'll use the favorites out of the ones I brought! If that makes sense?

1. Pandora Bracelet - I got this for my birthday from Steven! I absolutely love it and am excited to watch it "grow". He told me that he wants to make it "blue themed" which I am excited for! Unfortunately one of the beads lost a stone so I had to send it back. I'm anxiously awaiting the replacement!

2. Classic Pearl Earrings - I would be lost without a couple pairs of these. They are my daily go-to earring when I'm not wearing some nice that I can pair with a more detailed earring.

3. Claddagh Ring - This is the piece of jewelry I wear every day no matter what! Steven gave it to me about two Christmases ago. Our initials & the date we started dating is engraved inside.

4. Gold & Silver Watch - I got this for my birthday from my Mom and I love it. The mix of gold and silver is exactly what I wanted, plus the size is perfect for wearing to class and work! I'm not used to wearing a watch - the only one I've ever had is a running watch - but I've worn it almost every day since I got it and am learning to look at it first for the time instead of my phone!

5. Gold Pearl Earrings from LOFT - I got these from my friend Jessi a couple of years ago! I absolutely love them...they're lightweight, classy and go with lots of fun outfits! I can wear them to class with a nice cardigan or out for special occasion with a dress.

Link up with Rachel today to share your favorite jewelry pieces!

Now it's time to get down to business and prepare for the SUGAR BOWL! I'm so equally excited and nervous to watch my Hokies play. In the words of Coach Taylor...Clear eyes, full hearts, CAN'T LOSE!



Carolina on My Mind is having a $35 Red Dress Boutique gift card giveaway!

Pink Zin is having a fun "little bit of me" giveaway! Lots of goodies!



  1. I love your jewelry! So pretty :)
    I'll be rocking my hokie gear tonight! Let's go!!

  2. I have a Pandora bracelet too, and I love it! Mine is pink themed and Zack bought it for me! I have a really cute baseball glove charm, you should get one too! xo

  3. I love my pandora bracelet!! My mom actually got me a Maroon/Orange VT Charm this Christmas for it :)

  4. thanks for posting about my giveaway! and loving the FNL reference haha texas forever? yes please!

  5. pretty jewelry! i just got some pearl earrings and i love them.

  6. Love your pandora bracelet! They are so much fun! xoxo

  7. Pandora bracelets are my favorite! Love yours... I havent bought or received any new charms for mine in awhile I think I have to go buy one or two.

    That game started off so slow - I thought it would be a lot of back and forth but it wasn't until the last half. I was pleased with the outcome... I am a Michigan girl obviously. xo


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!