Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Good morning! First of all, I want to say that my first day of school went great! Of course I'm still in the "introductions/syllabus review" phase, which is oh so exciting, but I have a feeling I'll have a good work load this semester! Nothing too, too bad but I will definitely stay busy with readings.
I will admit, though, I miss the deserted feel of my town when the students go home! Over break it took me only five minutes to drive I have to sit in "traffic" (the city people wouldn't call this traffic, but to me it is)! It's frustrating, but I'll get used to it!
I'm also adjusting to working every day this week along with class. Thank goodness I love my job :) Next week I'll go back to 3-4 days.

Now it's time to share with you what I'm loving on this cold, cold Wednesday...

I'm loving my nail color for school this week - O.P.I. Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot. I know it's winter, but I love pink.

I'm loving that I put fresh, flannel sheets on my bed last night! There is almost nothing better than a good night's sleep on fresh sheets.

I'm loving that yesterday at work we watched The Emperor's New Groove instead of doing free play. I forgot how funny that movie is, especially Kronk.

I'm loving Beauty and the Beast. I know I blogged that we were going to go...well, we did! I didn't end up wearing my sweatshirt (classic outfit crisis) but I still had SUCH A GOOD TIME. The signature dance scene on the big screen gave me chills. Steven even enjoyed going!

I'm loving that I won my first giveaway! Thank you Pink Zin!

Everything was wrapped up so adorable!

I'm loving that our Target (probably the local store I'm at the most) is getting a remodel! That's right, y'all...Southwest Va is getting a Target with a Starbucks! Super upgrade. I hope we get the thick plastic carts, too!!

I'm loving that I started Project 365 with Eclectically E! It's a photo challenge to take a picture a day for a year. I'm doing mine via instagram, sharing it with Twitter and then I'll be posting them on the project 365 page at the top of my blog! I started late, but that's okay! You can still hop on board if you want :)

I'm loving these Pinterest finds:


Can you tell I'm in the mood for warmer weather?


Isn't that adorable? My dog will most likely have that.


Two Adorable Puppies

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  1. I showed my puppy the picture you found on pinterest and she now wants her own little bed beside ours. haha!

    Love the hot pink in the winter! You gotta spice it up when it gets too cold. :)

  2. I love flannel sheets and I was thinking about watching Emperor's New Groove while I was home on break but didn't get to it.
    I still have yet to make it to theaters to see Belle dance but I also love pink in the winter!

  3. i love the project 365 thing! I just might have to join in =)

  4. Great picks this week! I totally love new sheets & flannel sheets are the BEST! That electric blue dress you chose is absolutely gorgeous :)

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  6. Oh goodness, girl, I'm loving all of your pins! I can't pick a favorite-- they're all totally things I would repin :) Love 365 projects... such a great way to document a year!

  7. There is nothing better than freshly washed and dried sheets. Emperor's New Groove is one of my all-time favorite movies. It's so funny!

  8. Hahaha I love that you are excited for the "thick plastic carts" for your new Target! Too too funny :o)

  9. My oh my, you are loving some adorable stuff!! The dog bed is so neat and the desk area inspired me :))

  10. That pet bed is adorable! :o) And I'm so glad you like your classes! I used to LOVE starting a new semester. Gosh, I miss college!

    Our Target is getting a makeover, too! I went today and couldn't find anything! Maybe we're getting a Starbucks, too!!!

  11. Love your pins and new nail polish! And yay for a giveaway win! Exciting!

  12. I love ALL of these things!! That OPI color is fantabulous, and half the reason I go to Target at my house is because of Starbucks!

  13. I love that pink color!! I always have my nails painted bright, usually pink, even in the winter! Haha!

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