Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Countdown: 1 Month

It's only one month until the U.S.S. Enterprise CVN-65 is going to approach the Norfolk, VA shipyard with 5,000 sailors aboard - including my big brother!

I didn't have a blog back when he left in January, so I'll catch you guys up. My brother has been in the Navy for about four years or so...seems like only 4 days...time flies!

He went to boot camp in/around Chicago and we traveled there for his graduation. Next, he was in Charleston, SC. We went to visit him many times there - I love Charleston!! Next, he was either going to end up in VA, GA or HI. Turns out he was headed to VA (Norfolk) and has stayed there until his ship's deployment in January of this year. He works with the nuclear reactors and was recently promoted to MM2 or E5 (if you know navy business).

They have been to several ports around the Mediterranean and we've been able to hear from him via email, Facebook and occasionally my mom receives phone calls from him, although they are brief.
It's strange to not have seen him or heard his voice in six months, but it makes his homecoming all the more exciting!

Today, Mom & I went to the store and got supplies to make his "Welcome Home" banner. I offered to tackle the job and I'm really excited about it! I'll be sure and upload photos of it once it's finished :) Hopefully a month will give me enough time to make it perfect!

When he returns, he will have a couple of days off but we will need to find him an apartment & a car. In August, he will have ten days of leave and he will get to come home!! THAT'S when the real party starts ;) I also took the task of planning a party for him when he returns home to Blacksburg. As you can imagine, it will be red, white & blue themed and have lots of country music & beer. His faves.

I can't wait :)
Here are some pictures from January before he left:
Dad & I. This is where he met me for the first time (5 mo. old) since he was out at sea when I was born.
Where James sleeps...nice 'n cozy
Where they eat
On the flight deck of the ship
SB came with us :) - p.s. It was FREEZING and my wonderful bf let me wear his coat :)
Big brother
Big brother & I
We went to a restaurant on the bay & saw the ship sailing off!
It was bittersweet.
Last sighting of the ship

In other news: Sadie went to the vet & was "perfect" :) didn't even cry when she got her shots.
Tomorrow is pool day with the kids...gonna be so chaotic & FUN!

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