Monday, June 20, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

I headed up to Richmond yesterday to see my Dad & had a great trip! He lives in the Chesterfield area. We drove to James River Winery for my Dad to pick up some "man cave" items he had ordered for himself and my brother. Wineries are so neat to go to...I love to see the endless rows of grapes! I took some pictures but don't have my camera cord on me -- I'll upload them later :)

We went to dinner at Riptides Seafood Restaurant for Father's Day. When we pulled up, there was a lot of people waiting outside so we figured we, too, would have to wait. But when we told them we wanted to be seated outside, we got to go right away! I'll take a little sunshine to avoid a 1 hour wait :)
It was DELICIOUS! We got gator bites for an appetizer and then for dinner I had peel 'n eat steamed shrimp :) My favorite. I also had (random) a baked sweet potato - yummmmmm! It was so good; I have been craving some seafood!

Today we came back home just in time for me to head to work. My mom shared with me this picture that my brother, James, sent to us via email of him aboard the ship.
They ran a 5K on the flight deck which is equivalent to 10 laps. They haven't been to a port (on land) in over 85 days...crazy!
Sorry I am ranting a lot about him recently, but I'm really excited for him to come home!!

Lastly, a little bit of pintrest fun for you :)
goodnight, xoxo


  1. Sounds like you had a great father's day with your dad. I'd definitely sit outside to avoid an hour wait too!

    xo katie elizabeth

  2. I love your blog!!! Please check out mine the link is . I am following you and I would love for you to follow me back! Thanks so much!

  3. Running a 5k surrounded completely by water is quite something. When does your brother come home?
    I completely agree with the pintrest one on cleaning your room! I'm actually cleaning my bathroom storage area and I keep finding old jewelry and body sprays. Who knows what I will find in my bedroom!

  4. Very cute blog! I've tried gator bites once, and at first i was freaked out, but then I loved them ;) glad that you had a good father's day with your dad!
    would love to follow each other! I'll follow you ;)

  5. @Cami - Following you!

    @Lauren - He comes home July 15th! I have yet to even start my room (which needs to be packed up)...might be a while!

    @CollegeCurl13 - I was the same way with the gator bites! Following you now!


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