Saturday, June 25, 2011

Safari Park Recap!

Sidenote: 20 days until James comes home!!

This week our field trip was to the Safari Park. If you live in VA, I highly recommend making the trip to this drive-thru safari adventure.
If you go with your family or friends you have the option of driving your own car throughout the park or riding on one of the wagons. If you are with a big group, like we were with the kids, it's almost necessary to take the wagon ride. I believe the wagons take trips daily but also by appointment!

When we got there it was raining, but we were not gonna let that stop us. We had lunch under the pavilion and then headed for the park. Here are some pictures from the trip :)

Some deer


They were super hungry and one even ate a bucket!


Big papa

Babies everywhere!

You fed the bison by holding your hand about their head & then they stuck out their huge nasty tongues!

More camels!

Here he is eating the bucket! Oops!

Oh, hey there! Creepy Jurassic Park style Emu



Kangaroo in attack mode...whoops


Baby pigs!

Baby goats!
Yes, so we almost made it out without anyone getting hurt or bit or peed on. One of the kangaroos was on the path (of the "kangaroo walkabout") and so of course all the kids swarmed it to pet it. It was okay for about 30 seconds then the kangaroo got a little flustered and stood straight up and basically slapped one of the kids! He took both of his hands (paws?) and slapped him on the chest and back. It wasn't hard at all and the kid was totally fine but it was a little surprising! The kid just walked away like "oh well, bye!"

I got some great pictures of the kids but I think I'm going to wait and print those out to hang up on the bulletin boards!

Virginia Safari Park <-- definitely check it out :) Or find one new your home!

Yesterday we took Sadie to music on the lawn again.

The music wasn't that great, but we got some Rita's again and Sadie was happy (as always) to be out & about.

This morning I babysat for a real sweet family & got to watch 4 Disney movies. That's my kinda Saturday morning! The little girl & I watched The Little Mermaid, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid II and Tangled. All of which are favorites! (although i'm not sure any disney movie isn't a favorite of mine...) The little boy played, napped and watched some of the movies with us too.

Now, it's baseball time :)

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