Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fun: Pool & New Nail Color

Yesterday was a fun-filled day, to say the least. Started out with Jazzercise, as usual, which was a great session! Definitely felt the burrrrrrn.

I headed to work early and had lunch with the kids, then we were off to the pool.
Cburg Aquatic Center
Waterslide...buckets that fill with water and dump...water shooting out of the floor...these kids were in heaven! I wish I had had my suit with me!

After work, I went to my friend Jessi's house for dinner & a movie! She made some delicious penne pasta with meat sauce, broccoli and delicious rolls! Yum! We watched:
If y'all haven't seen this, you definitely should! I had already seen it but when she said that's what she rented I was so excited! It's a really cute movie. The baby in the movie is soooo adorable.

We also took some time to stalk some old middle school friends on Facebook just to see where they are/how they're doing. THAT was interesting, to say the least...
Then we painted nails :)

The color I chose...out of the 'Sexy, Sexier, Sexiest' bunch

New color...I hardly ever branch out from pink!
It was so fun to hang out & catch up. We also made some fun roadtrip plans to watch some baseball & shop :)

For Fun:
Grizzlies mascot, The Grandmas, and #20
At the last game we went to in Gastonia, it was Grandma Beauty Pageant Night! Love it! There are the grandmas doing the 'Cha Cha Slide' with the mascot & one of their players (givin' a little booty bump).
It was so fun!

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  1. Haha omg love love love this post! Looks like you had an amazing day! Deff gonna have to say I relate on the facebook creepin' haha! Newest follower :))


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