Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MIA - going crazy!

I am soooo sorry for being M.I.A. the past couple of days. Actually, I'm mainly apologizing to myself because I have been going crazy thinking about everything I wanna tell yall! I just keep getting caught without my computer or without my camera or ... at more baseball games and getting home late :)

First of all, I had an AWESOME weekend & I'm gonna post some pictures later! Forgot my camera at my momma's house this evening, so I'll postpone that tidbit for tomorrow!

Today I spent SIX HOURS (literally) playing the Just Dance and Just Dance 2 games on the Wii. Do any of you have this game?! We own them and I just love them! If you are familiar with Zumba (or any sort of Jazzercise or workout routines to dance music) you will love this game! Why did I do it for six hours you may wonder? The school my Mom works at was having their Field Day & they had this game as one of the stations inside the gym. Sidenote: I used to love Field Day! Who didn't, though?
Anyway, if you have a Wii & don't already have these games I recommend them! They also have a Country Dance (not made by the same company) which I am going to try out tomorrow :)
It was SO much fun! The kids absolutely loved it - and I got in an awesome workout! We had K-5 doing songs, so almost all ages can do them! Some of the easier songs that kindergarten liked were Who Let The Dogs Out and Surfin' Bird. But they caught on to some of the harder ones too!

I workout tremendously more/better when I have some good jams. Some of the songs the Just Dance games have are: Tik Tok, Hot n Cold, U Can't Touch This, Eye of the Tiger, Womanizer, Jump, Move Your Feet, It's Rainin' Men, I Feel Good (I Got You), Cotton Eye Joe, That's Not My Name - and so many more.

Definitely check it out for a good workout & fun with friends!

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